Samdech Hun Sen: Chinese Aid Helps Strengthen the Independence of Cambodia – Thursday, 24.6.2010

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The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 670

“Phnom Penh: The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Samdech Akkak Moha Senapadei Dekchor Hun Sen, said that Chinese aid not only helps with the development of Cambodia, but it also helps strengthen the independence of Cambodia.

“Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen said so to the delegation of the Chinese People’s Army led by Lieutenant General Chi Wan Chun, Political Commissar of the General Armament Department of the Ministry of Defense of China in the evening of 23 June 2010 at the Council of Ministers.

“The minister in charge of accompanying the Prime Minister’s delegation, Mr. Sri Thamrong, told reporters after the meeting that Samdech Hun Sen had said that China has assisted Cambodia a lot, both with grant aid, and with loans including with loans without interest, to help restore and develop Cambodia. That aid not only assists Cambodia with the development, but also consolidates the national independence of Cambodia.

“Lieutenant General Chi Wan Chun told Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen that his visit to Cambodia at this time is to implement two obligations. The first, he was ordered by the Chinese President, Mr. Hu Jintao, to deliver 257 military trucks to Cambodia as soon as possible, also guaranteeing their 100% quality. The second task is to strengthen cooperation between both countries, especially between the troops of the two countries.

“Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen said that the quick implementation, like with the speed of a rocket – of Mr. Hu Jintao’s order within 48 days, shows the good relation and cooperation between the countries, the governments, the people, and the troops of both countries.

“Lieutenant General Chi Wan Chun considers Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen as a good and real friend of the Chinese people, especially because he firmly adheres to the One-China-Policy.

“Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen again confirmed the position of the Royal Government of Cambodia that it is the clear political position of Cambodia, since the time of the former King, and it continues for the current Royal Government of Cambodia, to adhere to the One-China-Policy without any change.” Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.18, #5232, 24.6.2010

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Thursday, 24 June 2010

Deum Ampil, Vol.4, #512, 24.6.2010

  • The Vietnamese President: Cambodia and Vietnam Have Good Cooperation [he said so during the private visit to Vietnam by Samdech Euv (the former King), Samdech Mae (the former Queen), and the present King]
  • The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization [NEDO] of Japan Plans to Implement Two Projects in Cambodia [setting up of modern rice milling machines at the community level, and producing clean water]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.9, #2283, 24.6.2010

  • Japan Provides Grant Aid [of about US$131 million] to Finish the Construction of the Neak Loeung Bridge [across the Mekong River on National Road 1 from Phnom Penh to Vietnam] before February 2015
  • An American Federal Court Convicted [the leader of the Cambodian Freedom Fighters – CFF] Chhun Yasith – to Life Imprisonment [for conducting an (unsuccessful) attack to overthrow the Cambodian government – on 23 and 24 July 2002, there was armed attack in Phnom Penh by the CFF to overthrow the government; during this attempt, three members of the CFF were killed, and some others were arrested; some members of the armed forces of the government and some common citizens were injured]

Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.4, #689, 24.6.2010

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy: I Am Not Worried about the Warrant of the Yuon [Vietnamese] Puppet Court, as It Is a Problem of the Whole Nation [the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has published an arrest warrant for him, over the accusation of faking public documents and of spreading misinformation]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.43, #6990, 24.6.2010

  • The Ministry of Labor Published Books with Instructive Policies for the Prevention of AIDS/HIV [to promote knowledge about HIV/AIDS]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.17, #3914, 24.6.2010

  • [Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian] Son Chhay Encourages Factory Owners to Provide Wages to Workers Who Had a Forced Work Stoppage during the Inauguration of the Sky Road [constructed to reduce traffic jams; the owner of the TACFAT factory does not want to provide them wages for the time of work stoppage – and announced to welcome if workers report this to related institutions, and especially to the Ministry of Labor – Phnom Penh]

Phnom Penh Post [Khmer Edition], Vol.1, #200, 24.6.2010

  • A Cambodian Official [the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Hor Namhong] Welcomes the Conviction of Chhun Yasith to Jail for Life for Attempting to Overthrow the Cambodian Government
  • The First Sky Road in Cambodia [built to relieve the traffic jam at the Kbal Thnol Roundabout, spending about US$7 million] Will Be Inaugurated This Morning

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.18, #5232, 24.6.2010

  • Samdech Hun Sen: Chinese Aid Helps Strengthen the Independence of Cambodia
  • Thailand Arrested More Than 200 Khmer Citizens, Accusing Them of Creating a Village in Thailand [in the district of Aranyaprathet, in the province of Srakeo, 4 km from the Cambodian-Thai border]
  • The Sydney University of Australia Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Culture to Conduct Archaeology Studies in Preah Vihear

Have a look at the last editorial – you can access it directly from the main page of the Mirror.
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Friday, 20.6.2008: The National Assembly Might Not Take Action on the Request to Revoke Sam Rainsy’s Immunity

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 565

“Phnom Penh: A high-ranking officials of the Nation Assembly said on 19 June 2008 that the National Assembly received the proposal to revoke Mr. Sam Rainsy’s immunity, delivered from the Prosecution Office to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court through the Ministry of Justice on Thursday morning, but considering legal procedures and timing, the vice-president of the National Assembly, Mr. Nguon Nhel, said that the National Assembly might not work on this issue and might keep it unsolved for some time.

“In an interview via telephone with Rasmei Kampuchea on the afternoon of 19 June 2008, Mr. Nguon Nhel said that around 11:00 a.m. of 19 June 2008, the National Assembly received the proposal to suspend the immunity of the opposition party president Mr. Sam Rainsy, delivered from the Prosecution to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. He added that an immunity cannot be suspended unless there is a request to open an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly by Samdech Prime Minister, or the King, or Samdech President of the National Assembly.

“Mr. Nguon Nhel also explained some legal procedures that make it difficult for the National Assembly to summon an Extraordinary Session or a meeting of its Permanent Committee. He said that Samdech Heng Samrin had announced already to close the National Assembly until after the 2008 election. According to the present real situation, the Permanent Committee might not be able to open a meeting. He continued that, based on procedures, the National Assembly needs at least two to three days to summon a meeting of the Permanent Committee, and if the Permanent Committee agrees to call an Extraordinary Session, at least 40 hours are needed before the meeting to inform the members of the National Assembly. Therefore, it will take more than one week, and then it will be already the time of 2008 election campaign. Another point is that the proposal to revoke the immunity of a member of the National Assembly needs at least two thirds of supporting voices, or 83 voices among the 123 members of the National Assembly.

“Article 80 of the Constitution states that indictment, arrest, or detention of a member of the National Assembly cannot be made unless there is agreement from the National Assembly or from the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly during the meeting, except for obvious offenses flagrante delicto.

“According to this article, the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly also has the right to suspend the immunity of a member of the Assembly to open the way for a legal investigation. However, Mr. Nguon Nhel explained that although the Constitution states so, still a meeting of the Permanent Committee to decide to suspend the immunity of a member of the National Assembly cannot be held. He added that a meeting of the Permanent Committee represents all members of the National Assembly which has 123 seats; but two members have left their positions as members of the National Assembly, so there are only 121 members, which do not form a complete National Assembly. ‘Therefore, this issue cannot be worked on.’

“He went on to say, ‘We received this proposal, but we keep it unsolved for a while.’

“Although Mr. Sam Rainsy’s immunity might not be revoked, Mr. Nguon Nhel explained that every draft law or big lawsuit will be sent from the outgoing National Assembly to the Council of Ministers when a new National Assembly is announced to be opened again after the election. Therefore, at that time, the Council of Ministers might send them back to the new National Assembly.” Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4620, 20.6.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Friday, 20 June 2008

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1672, 20.6.2008

  • Cambodia and Thailand Signed a Joint Statement about the Preah Vihear Temple [18 June 2008, so that the Phnom Penh government can apply for the listing of the Preah Vihear Temple as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO]
  • Cambodia SDA and Twenty Trade Union Associations Showed that Employers Still Hold Discrimination [against trade unions
  • UN-HABITAT and ADB Help Develop the Clean Water Sector in Cambodia [now 60 percent of people in populated areas have access to clean water]
  • Cambodia Movement for Health Received Award in ‘World No Tobacco Day 2008’ [19 June 2008 – in the LINK see “In Cambodia, which has one of the highest rates of smoking in the world,…]
  • Vietnam Sells 60 Million Tonnes of Rice to the Philippines [for US$564 million]

Khmer Amatak, Vol.9, #593, 20.6.2008

  • Many Local Human Rights Organizations Said that Recalling the Cambodian Freedom Fighters Case by Mr. Hun Sen Might Be a Political Threat

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6376, 20.6.2008

  • 1,261 Containers of Mraes Prov Phnom Oil [large softwood tree, its oil is an important substance to produce the drug Ecstasy] Will Be Burnt [by Pursat authorities]
  • European Election Observers Arrived Cambodia Gradually

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3491, 20.6.2008

  • US Embassy Strongly Reacted to the Attempt to Suspend the Immunity of the Opposition Party President Mr. Sam Rainsy
  • Mr. Sok Yoeun [a Sam Rainsy Party activist, who fled Cambodia in 1998 related to a rocket attack on Prime Minister Hun Sen and was jailed in Thailand more than four years and then received asylum through the UNHCR to Finland] Called the Investigation of the Rocket Attack in Siem Reap a Dead-End Road Game of Hun Sen [who used a former Sam Rainsy Party activist, Mr. Lek Bunnhean’s information, who had left to join the Cambodian People’s Party, to link Mr. Sam Rainsy to the Cambodian Freedom Fighters]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4620, 20.6.2008

  • The National Assembly Will Not Take Action on the Request to Revoke Sam Rainsy’s Immunity
  • The Garment Sector in Cambodia Is Facing a Shortage of Workers [because of the needs by newly created factories; around 200,000 additional workers are needed, the current number is approximately 400,000]
  • Some Areas in Cambodia Might Become Desertification Areas [because of inappropriate implementation of agricultural techniques, population growth, and deforestation – according to UNDP officials in Cambodia]
  • Tourism Development Absolutely Opposes Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children [said Mr. Klaeng Rim, coordinating official of ILO]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.15, #3338, 20.6.2008

  • All Political Parties Support the Face-to-Face Discussion Forum Created by the National Democratic Institute [NDI] for the 2008 Election

Have a look at the last editorial – press freedom was strongly under threat

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Tuesday, 17.6.2008: Minister Ith Sam Heng and the Head of a Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Chea Son, Are Criticized to Be Partisan Officials

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 565

“Some civil service officials who are suffering and asked not to be mentioned by name reported that the head of a Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Chea Son, is a partisan official who appointed his partisans, children, and relatives to hold important positions, so that it is easy for them to commit corruption.

“They said that Mr. Chea Son had appointed his children to work in the Department of Social Affairs, who now use Chea Son’s influence to look down on others and to oppress staff, so that they can commit corruption, for example cutting salaries of officials marked to retire soon and of former veterans, and they are late to provide salaries, and they take other designated moneys.

“They added that the Minister of Social Affairs and Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation Mr. Ith Sam Heng can not take any action towards Mr. Chea Son, because Mr. Chea Son follows the model of other officials appointed by Royal Decree and officials appointed by Sub-Decree by the Royal Government.

“They went on to say that Mr. Khuon Ranin, who is a nephew of Her Excellency Nhep Rany Ith Sam Heng [Minister Ith Sam Heng’s wife], was appointed director-general of the Department of Administration and Finance by Royal Decree # NS/RKT/0205/106, dated on 26 February 2005. Mr. Bun Chandarvuth, H.E. Nhep Rany Ith Sam Heng’s nephew, had been appointed to be advisor to the Ministry of Social Affairs. Mr. Samheng Boros, Minister Ith Sam Heng’s nephew, had been appointed head of the Internal Audit Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and he was also appointed to be chief of cabinet. Mr. Sieng Sok Khundy, who is a nephew of H.E. Nhep Rany, and who is an older brother of Mr. Khuon Ranin, was appointed head of the Finance and Supply Section. Mr. Nhep Chana, a nephew of H.E. Nhep Rany and Khuon Ranin’s younger bother, was appointed head of the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Social Affairs by Sub-Decree # 358 ANKr.TT, dated 6 April 2005. Ms. Nhep Sopheap, Her Excellency’s niece, had been appointed deputy-director of the Department of Finance and Supply. Mr. Hem Bora, Her Excellency’s nephew, had been appointed deputy-director of the Department of Finance and Supplies. Mr. Khun Ranich, Her Excellency’s nephew and Mr. Hem Bora’s younger brother, had been appointed head of the Staff of Administration Department [who is the holder of the seal of the Ministry of Social Affairs].

“Those officials said that if Mr. Ith Sam Heng would hold his position one more term, his relatives and partisans will be appointed to work all over in the Ministry of Social Affairs and will spread to other Social Affairs Departments in other cities and provinces.

Chakraval phoned Mr. Chea Son on 13 June 2008, but he answered that he was in a meeting; as for the Minister Ith Sam Heng, his phone could be reached and was ringing, but he did not pick it up.” Chakraval, Vol.16, #2786, 17.6.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Chakraval, Vol.16, #2786, 17.6.2008

  • Minister Ith Sam Heng and the Head of a Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Chea Son, Are Criticized to Be Partisan Officials
  • Again Diggings Up of Valuable Things from Ancient Graves [Banteay Meanchey]

Chuoy Khmer, Vol.2, #121, 17.6.2008

  • Chief of Mondolkiri Prison Ngin Nael Runs Wood Processing Shop in the Prison [and prisoners work as laborers, while the money goes into his pockets]
  • [Three] Trucks Donated by the United States Were Used by Military Officials to Load High Quality Wood to Yuon [Vietnam – but an official who asked not to be named said that the trucks were used to load car spare parts from Vietnam]
  • [Battambang governor] Prach Chan, Kang Sakhan [Battambang police chief], and Poa Vannak [Battambang military police commander] Are Incompetent and Do Not Dare to Curb Down on Rain Bettings at Yu Chanty Guesthouse

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1669, 17.6.2008

  • Kompong Thom Police Chief [Chea San] Is Accused of Benefiting from His Low Level Officials’ Salaries and of Extorting Money from Applicants Who Take Tests to Join the Police
  • Goods from Thailand Are Rushed Entering through Cham Sragam Border Crossing [Oddar Meanchey]
  • Step-Father Raped Two Step-Daughters in Just One Night [Kompong Speu]
  • Saudi Arabia Agreed to Step Up Oil Production by 200,000 Barrels of Oil per Day

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6373, 17.6.2008

  • According to the Civil Code, Lawyers without Borders from France Prepare to Help at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, without Getting Money
  • The Cambodian People’s Party Gets 20% of TV Time of the Equity Publication Program [created by the National Election Committee], and Other Competitive Parties Get from 3% to 13% [according to a joint announcement of the Ministry of Information and UNDP on 16 June 2008]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3488, 17.6.2008

  • Trees in the Phnom Kuleaen National Park Continue to Be Severely Destroyed

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4617, 17.6.2008

  • [Opposition party president] Mr. Sam Rainsy Might Face Accusation of Threatening National Security and of Terrorism [after Mr. Hun Sen ordered an inquiry about relations of the opposition party to an assassination attempt against him in Siem Reap in 1998, relating to the Cambodian Freedom Fighters [CFF] case – after a member of the Sam Rainsy Party, who left to join the Cambodian People’s Party, showed a picture of Sam Rainsy Party Secretary-General Eng Chhay Eang with members of the CFF]
  • [More than 100] Professors and Teachers from Four High Schools Approached the [Banteay Meanchey] Provincial Governor to Arrest an Unruly Student [who had injured a teacher seriously]
  • Two Bombs Exploded near the Office of Anti-Government Groups [16 June 2008 – Manager Newspaper of Mr. Sondhi Limthongkul]; Opposition Group [Thailand’s People’s Alliance for Democracy] Announced to Hold Demonstrations until the Numbers of Demonstrators Reach One Million

Have a look at the last editorial – press freedom was strongly under threat

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