Samdech Chea Sim Asks for Understanding during the Traffic Law Implementation – Monday, 31.8.2009

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The Mirror, Vol. 13, No. 628

“The president of the Cambodian People’s Party and of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and also the head of a Phnom Penh municipal coalition working team, Samdech Akak Thoma Pothisal Chea Sim, reminded commune, district, and municipal governors and councilors to ensure more trust towards citizens who are voters, and to understand them while implementing the traffic law.

“Samdech Akak Thoma Pothisal Chea Sim said so when he presided over a ceremony in the morning of 29 August 2009 at the headquarters of the Cambodian People’s Party, to announce the names of leaders of the coalition working team to assist districts, and to introduce a plan of instructions to strengthen village leaders in Phnom Penh. On that occasion, Samdech Chea Sim said, ‘Our Cambodian People’s Party has a long-term strategic goal – it is to rule the country hundreds of years more. But whether this is possible or not depends on the citizens and on us, the leaders, and if all citizens lose faith in us, it will be difficult to attract their votes.’ He went on to say that in October, the election registrations will start. However, he saw recently that there had been demonstrations to demand a reduction of some taxes at some provinces, but there were no such cases yet in Phnom Penh, and he hoped that there will be proper solutions.

“Another thing is related to the Boeng Kak issue in Phnom Penh. Samdech Chea Sim has agreed with the development of Phnom Penh, but what is important is that proper solutions are offered to the residents, otherwise it will affect members of our party, accusing them of disregarding the difficulties of the citizens. Sometimes, the poor people have little money to afford to buy a motorbike to work as moto-taxi drivers, and sometimes, even our civil servants encounter difficulties and take their free time to work as moto-taxi drivers, to find additional income to support their family’s living. They face another difficulty when their motorbikes are confiscated to pay taxes.

“Samdech Chea Sim said that he understands the need to implement the traffic law, but also, there has to be a practical understanding for our people and for our fellow civil servants who face difficulties in their livelihood.” Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.8, #2036, 30-31.8.2009

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Monday, 31 August 2009

Deum Ampil, Vol.3, #4, 30-31.8.2009

  • Forty Two AIDS Families at the Tuol Sambou Village Encountering Shortage of Clean Water and of Life Extending Medicines
  • Six Forestry Officers Were Convicted over Logging [they were accused by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for taking bribes to allow logging in forests in Preah Vihear, Kompong Thom, and Siem Reap]
  • Cambodia Takes More Actions to Prevent A/H1N1 during the Cool Season [so far, there have been 26 confirmed cases of A/H1N1]
  • A Korean-Made Truck Drove Over Two People and Killed Them in Meanchey District [Phnom Penh]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.8, #2036, 30-31.8.2009

  • Politicians and Civil Society [the president of Funcinpec, Mr. Keo Puthreasmey, the executive director of the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free Elections, Mr. Hang Puthea, an investigating official of the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association, Mr. Ny Chakriya] Support Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen’s Policy to Withdraw Troops [from the Khmer-Thai border]
  • Sixty Nine Workers Fainted because of Inhaling a Poisonous Chemical Substance at a Factory [Maurea Garments Court in Phnom Penh]
  • Pigs Injected with Sleep Inducing Drugs [not to make any noise – using Diazepam: “It is used for the management of anxiety disorders or for the short-term relief of symptoms of anxiety”] and Imported Illegally from Thailand Were Intercepted – Veterinary Medical Officials Said the Health of People Eating Their Meat Can Be Affected [Poipet]
  • Samdech Chea Sim Asks for Understanding during the Traffic Law Implementation

Khmer Amatak, Vol.10, #643, 31.8.2009

  • The King and the Cambodian Royal Family Do Humanitarian Activities to Help Poor and Hungry People

Koh Santepheap, Vol.42, #6742, 31.8.2009

  • Two People Died, and Six People Were Injured by Lightnings; Two Cows Were Killed, and One Person Drowned [Kompong Thom and Pursat]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.17, #4986, 31.8.2009

  • The World Bank and the Government Find Ways [to address challenging problems of Cambodia] to Strengthen Good Governance
  • An Average Family in Khmer Society Becomes Smaller; Families in Rural Areas Still Prefer Having Many Children; the Population of Cambodia Will Rise [from about 14 million at present] to 18 Million in 2025
  • Officials Said that there is no more a Scarcity of Electricity in Phnom Penh [after the government has connected to an electricity net from Vietnam, buying electricity]
  • Siamese [Thai] Police: Cambodian Beggars in Pattaya Province Are Cheated and Forced to Beg for Money for Siamese [Thai] People

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.16, #3497, 30.8.2009

  • Both the Authorities and Expert Officials Stay Quiet over the Illegal 10-Floor Building [Phnom Penh]

Sereypheap Thmey, Vol.17, #1783, 31.8.2009

  • The Government Cancels Plan to Sue [the president of the Cambodian Free Trade Union of Workers] Chea Mony [for providing a supposedly false testimony, claiming that the government was behind the murder of his older brother, Chea Vichea], Surprising Civil Society

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