The US Action Is Also Helping to Crack Down on Human Trafficking in Cambodia – Monday, 8.6.2009

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The Mirror, Vol. 13, No. 616

“According to a report on human rights situation, by the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association, in 2008, human trafficking and sex exploitation seem to have been reduced, compared to the year before; and the Unite States of America decided to remove Cambodia from the blacklist on human trafficking.

“The report said that in 2008, the Cambodian government sent a draft request on controlling and suppressing human trafficking and about sex exploitation to the National Assembly, which was subsequently adopted. After the adoption, some actions were taken by the authorities targetting some brothels during the last months.

“The report added that human trafficking, especially of women and children, was still high. There were 74 cases of human trafficking, where 19 cases related to trafficking workers. The perpetrators cheated the victims by luring them with jobs, or caught them into their cars while the victims were coming home or when they were along their way to school.

“Human traffickers use different places, like the shops of hairdressers, guesthouses, or karaoke parlors, and some bring victims to be sold directly to hotels. Besides local human trafficking, also the human trafficking to foreign countries still continues, where the victims are lured to work abroad, cheating them by promising that they would gain much money and become rich.

“The victims were trafficked across the border to be sold in Thailand and in Malaysia, where some went abroad legally with proper legal document and passports. But some were brought out of the country illegally by avoiding the police, and traveling on trains, cars, and taxis until they sadly reach their destinations.

“According to an interview with officials of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, though it does not have clear data about the number of cases of human trafficking, relevant institutions are focusing on educating people, particularly those who migrate to seek jobs in foreign countries, as this group is especially targeted by human traffickers.

“Now, the United States of America ranks Cambodia in the Second Tier [of three] over human trafficking, but they did not conduct observations as they had done in 2007. Nevertheless, the number of victims of human trafficking does not decline much, because many problems have not been solved, like the situation that people encounter poverty and unemployment, and domestic violence still exist, so that the members of some families are easily cheated and sold.

“If the government continues the efforts to fight human trafficking effectively by strengthening the enforcement of existing laws, by educating citizens about the hazards of human trafficking, and by dealing with some social problems following the actual situation, the general public and human rights organizations believe that human trafficking can be reduced significantly.” Khmer Amatak, Vol.10, #, 8.6.2009

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Monday, 8 June 2009

Deum Ampil, Vol.3, #204, 7-8.6.2009

  • [President of the Cambodian Free Trade Union of Workers] Chea Mony: A Request of Farmers Sent to the Government [during the International Labor Day] Is Dead [there is no response from the government to the request. The request contained ten points: 1. Asking the government to create a labor court 2. Request to end the attempt to amend Articles 67 and 73 of the labor law; 3. End all types of discrimination against the freedom of association and against trade unions; 4. Order all investors to deposit money at banks and be responsible for workers’ salaries when banks are closed; 5. Give a good name to [murdered labor leader] Mr. Chea Vichea as a ‘Worker Hero’ and offer a place to build his statue; 6. Eliminate illegal dismissals and suspension of workers’ representatives; 7. Develop the job market and provide good work conditions in all sectors; 8. The Ministry of Labor should announce accident insurance regulations for workers; 9. Better wages should be provided; the government is asked to increase the number and quality of irrigation systems, and it should seek markets for farmers.]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.8, #1964, 7-8.6.2009

  • The Operation of the Royal Highness Hotel Is [temporarily] Suspended after Four [foreign] People Died because of Drug Overuse
  • A Law Student, Accused of Writing a Slogan against the Government, Is Fined Riel 5 Million [approx. US$1,250 – he had sprayed the slogan on a wall of his house]
  • Landslide in China Kills More Than 80 People

Khmer Amatak, Vol.10, #621, 8.6.2009

  • The US Action Is Also Helping to Crack Down on Human Trafficking in Cambodia

Koh Santepheap, Vol.42, #6670, 8.6.2009

  • Two Bodies of People from the Crashed Air France Plane Found Floating; There Is Plan to Seek More Bodies, the Plane is [probably] in a Depth of 4,600 Meters
  • Officials of the Royal Government Go to Japan to Present Tourism Opportunities and Investment Policies [to attract Japanese investors]
  • The Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Meets [four] Khmer Journalists [in Thailand], and He Recognizes Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen as an Experienced Leader

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.16, #3778, 8.6.2009

  • Slot Machines, Football Betting, and Lottery Gradually Reappear Again

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.17, #4914, 7-8.6.2009

  • [Khmer Rouge] Court Officials Deny That There Is Political Interference by the Government into the Trial of Khmer Rouge Leaders
  • After a Traffic Accident, a Motorbike Driver Came with His Group [of seven friends] to Hit Another Driver with Axes and Knives to Death, and Two Others Suffer Serious Injuries [the three victims are military officials, and now police are hunting the perpetrators – Kandal]

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