Experts Confirm Mobile Phone Towers Set on Buildings or on the Ground Do Not Have Noticeable Impact – Thursday, 7.5.2009

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The Mirror, Vol. 13, No. 611


As 8 May 2009 is Visak Bochea – Visakah Puja – Buddha Day, celebrating the birth, enlightenment, and passing of the Buddha, as a National Holiday, we will not have a Mirror publication on this day.

“Phnom Penh: Cambodia is experiencing significant economic growth, especially in the telecommunication sector, which is progressing with great speed – but at the same time, Khmer citizens notice that during the rainy season, there are frightening rains, thunder and lightning, and many people and animals have been killed by lightning strikes. Thus, citizens express fear about mobile phone towers. In recent years, towers were set up on high-rise buildings or on the ground, and citizens in their vicinity fear that they might collapse on their homes, cause health problems such as headache, causing infertility, and people are especially afraid that those towers attract lightnings.

“Responding to these issues, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication held a workshop about mobile phone technology and its effects, under the presidency of the Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Mr. So Khun. Experts from different telecommunication companies participating in this workshop confirmed that when setting mobile phone tower systems, each company always sets up lightning rods – devices against lightning strikes – and the effect on the people is minimal.

“In a separate interview, Minister So Khun said that concerns and the fear of citizens are understandable, but in this case, they are not right, because at present, the level of the effect [of radiation?] is less than 1 percent [of which data reference number?], which is very little, and it is acceptable. So far, there are more than four million customers using mobile phones and the state earns not less than US$30 million per year.

“He confirmed that the construction of towers on buildings or on privately owned land is agreed to between the owners of the real estate property and mobile phone company owners, and it is administered by the local authorities. Regarding the techniques to set up towers, if there are problems in the future, the companies themselves are responsible for it.

“During a speech at that occasion, the minister added that during more than 15 years, the development of telecommunications in the Kingdom of Cambodia has experienced rapid growth, particularly in the mobile phone field, where there have been more than 4.230.000 customers so far. The provision of services requires the use of modern technology and materials to connect networks from place to place in order to provide services covering different areas effectively, and with clear sound for users. Recently, the ministry and different institutions had received protests from some citizens living near towers and antenna devices, built and set up by mobile phone companies to serve the public.

“The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication invited relevant ministries to provide their opinions and create methods and solutions to inform citizens about the explanations given at this workshop, and then the ministry held a press conference after the meeting about the above mentioned topics.

”It should be noted that at present, there are nine mobile phone companies and three table mobile phone companies in Cambodia. The nine mobile phone companies are: 1. Mobitel (012, 017, 089, and 092); 2. Mfone (011, 085, and 099); 3. Hello (015, 016, and 081); 4. qb (013); 5. StarCell (098); 6. Viettel (097); 7. Smart Mobile (010 and 093); 8. Excell (018); and 9. Beeline (090). And the three table mobile phone companies are: Telecom Cambodia, Camshin, and Cammintel of the state.” Koh Santepheap, Vol.42, #6643, 7.5.2009

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Thursday, 7 May 2009

Deum Ampil, Vol.3, #178, 7.5.2009

  • Samdech Heng Samrin: Checking the National Budget Is a Major Policy Task

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.8, #1937, 7.5.2009

  • The Ministry of Health Orders Health Checks on Tourists Crossing the Border [in Poipet to prevent A/H1N1 infections]
  • Wat Unalom 54-Year-Old Crematorium Is Demolished [following the policy of the Phnom Penh Municipality to relocate all crematoriums in the city to the suburbs]

Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.3, #396, 7.5.2009

  • The United Nations Wants an Agreement against Corruption at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal
  • Parliament Officials Admire [the second vice-president of the National Assembly and secretary-general of the Cambodian People’s Party] Say Chhum for Not Being Greedy and Ambitious like Others [he has only two assistants to work for him]
  • The 60th Anniversary of the Loss of Kampuchea Krom Land Is to Be Celebrated [on 4 June 2009]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.42, #6643, 7.5.2009

  • Experts Confirm Mobile Phone Towers Set on Buildings or on the Ground Do Not Have Noticeable Impact
  • International Finance Corporation and Japan Train Banks in Cambodia [to control hazards relating to commercial financing which helps to enhance the ability of banks to assist local enterprises and small operations] while the World Is in an Economic Crisis
  • The Asian Development Bank: The Thai Economy Wakes Up More Slowly Than Neighboring Countries because of the Political Crisis in Thailand

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.16, #37, 7.5.2009

  • The National Audit Next Month Will Reveal Companies That Owe Debts to the State

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.17, #4887, 7.5.2009

  • Finland Will Continue Assisting with Euro 18.6 Million for the Implementation of Three Projects [mine clearance, measures against the trafficking of women and children, and the Tonle Sap lake development]
  • Thai Official: Cambodian-Thai Commercial Relations Drop [because of the global financial crisis, but not because of the border disputes – Thai products exported to Cambodia decline by 26.24% to around US$239.8 million early this year, and Cambodian products imported to Thailand decline also from US$12.3 million in 2008 to US$7.6 million in 2009]
  • Chinese Company [the China Southern Power Grid] Offers only US$5.6 Million for Environmental Protection at the Cheay Areng Area Where a Hydro-Electric Dam Is to Be Constructed
  • Most Maternal Mortality Results from Unsafe Abortions [there are 472 deaths out of 100,000 live births – according to the Ministry of Health]
  • More Than 100 Chinese Workers Demonstrate over Their Salaries in Front of the Chinese Embassy [they have not received their salaries from the Chinese Jiang Zu [phonetic] company for two to three months – Phnom Penh]

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