Cambodia Has 26 Kinds of Medicines with No Efficiency – Tuesday, 18.11.2008

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 587

“Phnom Penh: A Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Yim Yan [actually maybe he is an Advisor to the Ministry of Health with equal rank to an Under-Secretary of State?], said that in 2008, the Ministry of Health has found more than 1,000 illegal shops selling medicines, while only 1,300 pharmacies have a proper license from the Ministry of Health. He added that a few years ago, there were more illegal places selling medicines and illegal consultancies providing sickness treatment services than legal places, but this year the numbers declined. During this new term, the Ministry of Health will make efforts to eliminate more illegal places.

Illegally and irresponsibly sold mixture of drugs

Illegally and irresponsibly sold mixture of drugs

“Mr. Yim Yan said this on 17 November 2008 at the Hotel Cambodiana during a press conference as a response in a meeting to complete operations against fake medicines, also a law enforcement training seminar on combating counterfeit drugs, which was held under the presidency of Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng, the Minister of Interior, and it was jointly sponsored by Intepol, by the World Health Organization, and by the tax office.

“Mr. Yim Yan went on to say that at present, Cambodia has seven factories manufacturing medicines, with 900 types of medicines already listed by the Ministry of Health, and there are 148 other medicine companies in Cambodia which had opened their branches in some provinces in Cambodia. However, the Ministry of Health will not allow any company to import tuberculosis medicines, in order to avoid that certain diseases become drug-resistant after an over-use of medicine.
“Another Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Chou Yinsim, said that presently, the Ministry of Health has found 26 kinds of medicine with no efficiency, out of which 3 kinds had been approved in the list of the Ministry of Health. Those who produce fake medicines, mostly produce medicines supposedly against malaria, tuberculosis, and also antibiotics and anti-AIDS medicines, because these medicines are expensive and are essential for users, since they have to use them for long periods.
“He emphasized that the Ministry of Health categorizes the shops selling medicines illegally into three types: Type A refers to large scale shops, which are now all closed by the Ministry of Health in Phnom Penh, but still there are some in the provinces. Type B refers to some clinics selling medicines that, according to the law, are not allowed to be sold in consultories [but can be sold in hospitals]. Type C refers also to shops selling illegal medicines, but they are sold together with other products for domestic use [including food stuff, noodles, fish sauce, eggs, etc… and other goods such as washing soap, razors etc…]. There are more than 7,000 types of medicines, allowed by the Ministry of Health, for sale at markets. According to some observations, the trafficking of fake medicines in Cambodia started since 2008.
“He continued that even though Cambodia is not a base of fake medicines or a base to distribute such medicines, the Royal Government has created a mechanism at the nation level, that is the committee for eliminating fake medicines and illegal health services, where the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Ministry of Agriculture cooperate.” Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6502, 18.11.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Amnach Reas, Vol.11, #28, 17-23.11.2008

  • People Accompanying [the director general of the National Police] General Hok Lundy’s Body [to Svay Rieng to his funeral] Had a Car Accident [killing four people]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #16, 1797.11.2008

  • Cambodia Rebuffs Statement with No Evidence of Siam [Thailand says that the march of a Kathen by Cambodia to the Keo Sekha Kiri Svarak pagoda and the erecting of UNESCO flags at the Preah Vihear Temple violate Thai territory]
  • Samdech Hun Sen Rejects Demand of the Sam Rainsy Party [to change 26 internal regulations of the 82 articles, including the distribution of resources, and relating to the roles of vice president of the National Assembly and of chairpersons of commissions of the National Assembly, saying that these are extreme demands]
  • More Than 25% of Drug Users Got Infected with AIDS [where 24.4% got infected because of using drugs with infected syringes – according to a survey of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STDs, conducted on 240 drug users at the Center for Youth Rehabilitation]

Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #141, 18.11.2008

  • Samdech Hun Sen Cancels His Plan to Travel to Kampot [to preside over a ceremony at a hydro-electric dam] on This Tuesday because of [bad] Weather
  • “If Our Mom Is Jailed, We Will Go to Jail Too, Because We Have Only One Mother” [said three small girls, aged between four to nine years old, standing in front of the Daun Penh Police Station, waiting for their mother who is jailed for allegedly pick-pocketing during the Water Festival]
  • Japanese Economy in Recession for the First Time Since 2001

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6502, 18.11.2008

  • Cambodia Has 26 Kinds of Medicines with No Efficiency
  • Samdech Prime Minister Denies that the Information about Revoking the Municipal Governor Is True
  • International Day of Land Traffic Accident Victims: There Are Three Causing Factors [in Kandal alone]: 90% Human Factors, 3% Vehicle Factors, and 5% Road Factors. [There were 436 traffic accidents, killing 119 people in nine months in 2008; there were 5,230 cases countrywide in ten months killing 1,302 people, and seriously injuring 4,244. According to the the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific – UNESCAP – traffic accidents kill approx. 12 million people every year and injure approx. 50 million worldwide]
  • Mr. Barack Obama Intends to Close Guantanamo Detention Center and to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3616, 18.11.2008

  • The Rebuff by Hun Sen, Not to Provide a Role for the Opposition Party Is Against Democracy [reacted a Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian, Mr. Son Chhay, demanding that the Cambodian People’s Party follow democratic policy, providing also leading positions in parliamentary commissions to an opposition party that has seats in the National Assembly]
  • Phnom Penh Citizens Are Concerned about the Increase of Armed Robberies

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4745, 18.11.2008

  • Samdech Dekchor Calls on Gasoline Companies to Continue to Reduce Fuel Prices and Requests the Citizens Not to Buy Fuel from Any Company That Does Not Reduce the Prices [while fuel at international market drops to US$54 per barrel, in Cambodia prices decline little, diesel fuel costs Riel 3,800 [approx. US$0.94], normal quality fuel costs Riel 3,900 [approx. US$0.97], and premium quality fuel costs Riel 4,000 [approx. US$0.99] per liter]
  • A Cement-Mixing Truck Hits a Motorbike and Drags It More Than One Thousand Meters, Killing Two Women [in Takeo]
  • First Ethanol Factory [investment from the Korean MH Bio-Energy company] Was Inaugurated in Cambodia [in Ponhea Leu, Kandal, on 17 November 2008]
  • A Siamese [Thai] Soldier Died, Stepping on a Mine near the Preah Vihear Temple

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