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The South Korean Embassy Denies that the Shukaku Inc. Company Comes From Korea – Tuesday, 28.10.2008

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 584

“Around 200 residents from among the 4,000 families that live at the Boeng Kak region in Srah Chak, Daun Penh, came on the morning or 27 October 2008 to protest in front of the South Korean Embassy in Cambodia, to ask the Korean ambassador to intervene with the Shukaku Inc. company to stop dredging sand to fill the Boeng Kak Lake, and to solve the compensation for houses and land of the residents through market prices.

“A letter of the Boeng Kak residents at Srah Chak, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, on 24 October 2008, to the Korean ambassador in Cambodia, stated their concerns over their eviction from the Boeng Kak region.
“In the letter asking for an intervention by the South Korean ambassador in Cambodia, all residents at the Boeng Kak region said that they have lived in this area starting between 1979 and 1982, and they are recognized by the local authorities, having family books, residence cards, birth certificates, identification cards, house numbers, defined residential groups, villages, communes, and districts; furthermore, residents at the Boeng Kak region have access to clean water and electricity, and they have jobs such as working at guesthouses, shops, cosmetics, car maintenance, garments shops, hairdressers, washing and ironing shops, hardware shops etc.
“The same letter went on to say that the residents of the Boeng Kak region had formed communities, had created credit unions, and are supported by non-government organizations with general health services, that also help to construct roads and bridges in the communities. On 6 February 2007, the Phnom Penh Municipality announced to lease the Boeng Kak region for a period of 99 years at a cost of US$79,002,000 to the Shukaku Inc. Company of South Korea, to develop the Boeng Kak Lake area which covers 133 hectares, where 90 hectares are lake, and 4,252 families are affected.
“On 26 October 2008, the Shukaku Inc. Company started to dredge sand to fill the lake, causing flood for some houses and on the roads; some houses collapsed and electricity and water was cut. Moreover, the company threatens and intimidates the residents, which concerns them, and some lost their regular jobs or cannot operate their businesses, due to the threats at present.
“The letter continued to report to the South Korean ambassador that previously, the citizens had sent motions to the Phnom Penh municipality, to the company, to the cabinet of the Prime Minister, and to the president of the National Assembly, asking for intervention from those institutions, but there is no solution. Now the residents of the Boeng Kak region are very worried, that is, they live in a state of being afraid both day and night, and even during their work to earn their living.
“At present, the Shukaku Inc. Company and the Phnom Penh authorities are using every trick to persuade and to force them, and to break the unity among the residents, so that they leave their houses, offering inappropriate compensation and money, forcing them to live at far away places from Phnom Penh and from their places of work, trying to move them to where there is no school, no hospital, no clean water, and no electricity; moving there they would loose their jobs.
“The letter of all residents of the Boeng Kak region to the South Korean ambassador asks the ambassador to help to intervene with the Shukaku Inc. Company and with the Phnom Penh Municipality, to solve the requests of the residents of the Boeng Kak region as follows:

  • To ask the Shukaku Inc. Company to stop dredging sand using it to fill the Boeng Kak Lake.
  • To ask the Shukaku Inc. Company to come to solve the effects on the land and on the houses of the residents living on the land and on stilt houses above the surface of the water, directly with the citizens, according to market prices.
    “On the morning of 27 October 2008, officials of the South Korean Embassy in Cambodia came to greet representatives of the residents of the Boeng Kak region for a discussion. A representative of the residents, named Kon, who met with officials of the South Korean Embassy, reported to journalists and to around 200 residents of the Boeng Kak region, who protested in front of the South Korean Embassy, that the Shukaku Inc. is not a company from Korea. Therefore, they asked all residents of the Boeng Kak region to stop believing that this company comes from Korea.
    “The rally of the residents then dispersed, but their representatives said that they will continue to search for the owners of the Shukaku Inc. Company, to know where it really comes from. When they know it clearly, they will rally in front of any embassy of the country from which the Shukaku Inc. Company came to invest in the Boeng Kak region, to seek compensation for the residents according to market prices, without forcing residents to leave.
    “Different sources said that the Shukaku Inc. Company is an investment partner of Ms. Cheung Sopheap, also known as Yeay Phou – Grandmother Yeay – whose husband is Lao Meng Khin, an economic advisor to Prime Minister Hun Sen, it is likely they originate from China, because Yeay Phou and her husband have close relations with Chinese businesspeople. Some say that the Shukaku Inc. is a Japanese company; however, there is no source to say from which country the Shukaku Inc. Company really comes.” Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3599, 28.10.2008

    Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
    Tuesday, 28 October 2008

    Chakraval, Vol.16, #2822, 28.10.2008

    • Chicken Raising Association Complains That There Is More Import of Meat and Eggs from Foreign Countries

    Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1779, 28.10.2008

    • [Taiwanese] Man Who Tried to Transport 240 kg of Heroin from Phnom Penh to Taiwan Is Sentenced by a Cambodian Court to Serve Twenty Two Years in Prison

    Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #128, 28.10.2008

    • World Heritage Officials [of UNESCO] Plan to Come to Cambodia to Check the Destruction on the Preah Vihear Temple [after a clash between Cambodian and Thai troops on 15 October 2008, scratching the neck of a dragon stature, a stone supporting a dragon, and the 73rd step]
    • Cambodia Will Be Granted US$280 Million in Loans by China [for infrastructure development in irrigation, road transport, and electricity transmission]
    • The Cambodian and Siamese [Thai] Border Commissions Will Meet on 10 November 2008
    • Cambodia Gets Opportunities from the International Food Shortage and from the Rising Price of Food [because Cambodia can benefit from it by exporting agricultural products to countries facing food shortages, says Prime Minister Hun Sen]

    Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6484, 28.10.2008

    • The National Election Committee Demands that the National Assembly Cut the Allowance [of Mr. Sam Rainsy] if Mr. Sam Rainsy Does Not Agree to Pay a Fine of Riel 10 Million [approx. US$2,4700 – for defaming leaders of the Cambodian People’s Party during his election campaign]
    • Truck Runs Into Rocks in Mountain Area, Causing Four Deaths and Seriously Injuring Four Others. It Is Allegedly the Result of Drunk Driving – the Driver Was Speeding [Koh Kong]
    • A Truck Loaded with Goods from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Was Robbed by Robbers, Driving a Camry, Taking away a Box Containing Riel 300 Million [approx. US$74,000 – Kompong Cham]
    • A Car Hit Mr. Prum Manh [a well-known Ayay singer and joker – injuring his head]; the Accident May Be a Hit-and-Run Murder Attempt [Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh] – Note: Ayay is a traditional Khmer performance of humorous dialogue songs, usually performed by a man and a women

    Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3599, 28.10.2008

    • South Korean Embassy Rejects that the Shukaku Inc. Is from Korea
    • The European Parliament Encourages Yuon [Vietnam] to Stop Detaining Former Monk Tim Sakhan [who has been defrocked on accusation of having perpetrated an offense against the Buddhist law, because he was accused to have destroyed the harmony between Vietnam and Cambodia]

    Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4727, 28.10.2008

    • Cambodia Looses US$450 Million Each Year because of a Lack of Sanitation [approx. US$190 million result from the lack of sanitation on health, US$150 million economic loss results from water pollution, approx. US$75 million is loss in tourism, and approx. US$40 million is due to the lack in sanitary toilets]
    • Three Robbers Robbed Gold from Three Stalls at Phsar Veal Renh Market, Taking Nearly 70 g of Gold and Much Money [and escaped – Sihanoukville]
    • Three [young] Siblings Drowned in a Boat Accident after Returning from Enjoying a Kathen Ceremony [a Buddhist fund raising community festival – Kampot]
    • A [Christian] Nun in India Was Raped by More Than Forty Men [during a surge of violence against Christians]

    Have a look at the last editorial – you can access it directly from the main page of the Mirror. – And please recommend us also to your colleagues and friends.

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    Military Recruitments in Oddar Meanchey Concern the Citizens of This Province – Monday, 27.10.2008

    Posted on 28 October 2008. Filed under: Week 584 |

    The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 584

    “After a bloody clash between Cambodian and Siam [Thai] invading troops at the Veal Intry field, at Phnom Trop, and at the Keo Sekha Kiri Svarak Pagoda on 15 October 2008, the Cambodian government decided to recruit some soldiers in some provinces along the border to fill up the number of soldiers in units that face a shortage of soldiers.

    “Military officials in Oddar Meanchey said that there is recruitment of soldiers in some districts in Oddar Meanchey where names of citizens are ticked off a list to serve in the army, without that they had personally volunteered. This problem will affect the feelings of the citizens.

    “The deputy military commander in Oddar Meanchey, Mr. Him Sieb, said that among the five district of Oddar Meanchey, soldiers are recruited in four, including in Samraong, Trapeang Prasat, Banteay Ampil, and Anlong Veng.

    “The deputy governor of Oddar Meanchey, Mr. Chab Phat, said that the recruitment process is followed by other steps, where first, the recruits from villages are gathered in each district, and then they are sent to be trained. In his district, soldier who are recruited, are between the age of 18 and 30.

    “One citizen reported by telephone about the recruitments that it is good, and the reason why it is good is that when the nation needs us, it is our obligation, and it is not appropriate, and not acceptable if when we would not serve in the army. As long as the salaries are appropriate, it is possible to feed the family.

    “As for Mr. Sim Piseth, a military official of unit #2 in Oddar Meanchey, he said by telephone that he does not know how many soldiers are being recruited, he just gave an example: if a unit used to consist of 500 soldiers – and when the number is reduced to 400, we have to recruit new soldiers to fill up the numbers; there is no precise number, that is, when one unit lacks soldiers, it has to be filled up.

    “Mr. Sim Piseth added that this recruitment is to face Siamese [Thai] activities.

    “Ms. Naren, an investigating official of the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association – ADHOC – in Oddar Meanchey, said that she contacted citizens by telephone from the four districts where soldiers are recruited, and in two districts – Trapeang Prasat and Along Veng – citizens volunteer, but in Banteay Ampil, citizens’ names are just listed up to recruit them as soldiers, which concerns the citizens. If military service is to be carried out, it is a national obligation, but as it is implemented only in Oddar Meanchey, it worries the people.

    “Ms. Naren went on to say that if recruitment for military service is generally conducted, it is not a problem, but if it is carried out only in these districts, it is not good, because such an obligation has to be implement in a general way.” Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #127, 26-27.10.2008

    Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
    Monday, 27 October 2008

    Deum Tnot, Vol.1, #42, 27-28.10.2008

    • The Association for Preserving Palm Trees Asks to Create Laws to Prosecute or Punish Those Who Destroy Palm Trees

    Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1778, 26-27.10.2008

      Cambodia Joins the Initiative to Create Free Trade and Investment Zones [says Prime Minister Hun Sen]

    • The Firth International Music Festival Will Be Held in Phnom Penh [from 30 October 2008 to 3 November 2008, with performances at the Chaktomuk Theater, at the Russian Cultural Center, and at the St. Joseph’s Chapel; this festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, by the German Embassy in Cambodia, and by the Goethe Institute – “Information about German culture and politics, on learning and teaching German”]
    • Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – OPEC – Decides to Reduce Oil Production

    Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.2, #271, 26-28.10.2008

    • A Siamese [Thai] Army Commander Was Angry with a Khmer Army Commander that Distributed Maps of the Decision of the Court in the Hague [during recent meetings] – [It would be interesting to know if they also distributed the text of the Joint Communique of 18 June 2008 with the new map prepared by the Cambodian side, where the representative of the Cambodian government declared that the 1962 maps are “superseded” by another, recent one. – The Editor]
    • [Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian from Siem Reap and Yim Sovann’s wife] Ke Sovannarath: I Will Not Disappoint the Sam Rainsy Party Supporters and the Khmer Citizens [she said after she was nominated as the acting Secretary General replacing Mr. Eng Chhay Ieng]

    Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #127, 27.10.2008

    • Military Recruitments in Oddar Meanchey Concern the Citizens of This Province
    • This Year’s Independence Day Celebration [on 9 November 2008] Will Be More Impressive Than in Previous Years [because there will be marching, attended by approx. 8,000 people]
    • A Group from the Samaki Rubber Plantation Protests against Plans of the Government [to transfer this state enterprise to a private company]

    Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6483, 27.10.2008

    • Among the Forty Higher Education Institutions That Had Been Assessed, Three [the City University, the Institute of Cambodia in Banteay Meanchey, and the Khemarak University in Battambang] Were Found to Have Insufficient Criteria [for recognition]
    • Social Order Police Hit a Sugar Cane Juice Vendor Unconscious [when he tried to help his wife and daughter, who were being dragged into a police car during a crackdown – Battambang]
    • Lightning Kills a Couple [who are fishers] Leaving Four Children [Kompong Cham]

    Meatophum, Vol.52, #709, 27-31.10.2008

    • Press Freedom in Cambodia Falls Forty One Ranks [from 85 to 126 among the 173 countries], Compared to 2007 [which results from the murder of a journalist and from the increased control and monitoring of publications during the elections]

    Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3598, 27.10.2008

    • In 2009 the Government Plans to Spend Approximately US$500 Million on National Defense while Encouraging to Eliminate Corruption

    Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4726, 26-27.10.2008

    • An International Monetary Fund Delegation Comes to Get Briefed on the Economy in Cambodia
      Fuel Price Drops to US$63 per Barrel

    Have a look at the last editorial – you can access it directly from the main page of the Mirror. – And please recommend us also to your colleagues and friends.

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