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Council of Ministers Adopts Financial Draft Laws for 2009 – Monday, 20.10.2008

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 583

“Phnom Penh: During a plenary session on the morning of 17 October 2008, led by Samdech Akkak Moha Senapadei Dekchor Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia, a draft law ‘Management of the Budget in 2009,’ was adopted that had been prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

“Financial legislation, what is called in this case the national budget for 2009, had been prepared on the basis of the national development strategy, and particularly to encourage the implementation of the Rectangular Strategy in a second step, to increase the equity and efficiency of the work, and to achieve the policy goal of alleviating poverty and of promoting the citizens’ livelihood.

“According to an announcement by the Council of Minister, in order to implement the policies and strategies of the Royal Government as mentioned above, especially to achieve national development strategies, as well as the second step of the implementation of the Rectangular Strategies of the Royal Government in 2009, the royal government needs to spend all together Riel 7,551,516,000,000 [approx US$1,870 million] in total. The budget in 2009 increases by 29.6%, compared to the finance for 2008.

“In this package budget, the total expense is Riel 7,256,566,700,000 [US$17,984,056] by which it increases by 28%, compared to the budgetary legislation for 2008. As for the expense at province and cities levels, it is Riel 291,950,000,000 [approx. US$72,350,000], increasing by 92% compared to the financial legislation for 2008. As for the total expense (without calculating their distribution), it is Riel 4,541,905,700,000 [approx. US$1,126 million]..

“The draft laws about finance for 2009 have five chapters and twelve articles.

“During the plenary session of the Council of Ministers on the morning of 17 October 2008, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,, the Council of Ministers also agreed to adopt the draft laws about the general settling of accounts of the budget of the state for the year 2007, depending on the results of cooperation of income and expense of pubic investment projects by foreign financing.

“The announcement of the Council of Ministers stated that although the start had been optimistic, the situation was challenging because the garment export quotas had come to an end, and with some negative natural events, the economic growth of Cambodian could still grow fairly high to 10.2%…

“Before closing the plenary session, the Council of Ministers also agreed to adopt draft laws about the general settling of the accounts of the budget of the state for 2006.

“These daft laws will be sent to the National Assembly to ask for ratification by the legislative institution.

“It should be noted that, while the Royal Government adopted national budget plans for 2009, the chairperson of the Commission of Economy, Finance, Banking, and Audits of the National Assembly, Mr. Cheam Yeap, also plans to send a request to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to check and increase the budget for the military field and for national defense. According to Mr. Cheam Yeap, during this fourth term, he will request the provision of the right to Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen to use the national budget in the military field. The total budget for the military field during the third term National Assembly was around US$200 million to US$300 million.” Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #121, 19-20.10.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Monday, 20 October 2008

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1772, 19-20.10.2008

  • [Cambodian and Thai Prime Ministers] Hun Sen and Somchai Will Meet Each Other Soon [to solve the border dispute – according to the Bangkok Post]
  • Cambodian Mine Experts Officials: Siamese [Thai] Accusation [that Cambodia set new mines] Is Untrue and Has No Evidence and Basis
  • [Newly elected Minister of Health] Mam Bunheng: The Priority Work Is to Deploy Midwives Countrywide
  • Russian Press Network Wants to Study the Field of Cambodian Culture Well in Order to Present It in Russian Publications
  • Travelers Complaints Noisily Like Geese, because the Price of Bus Tickets Increased Three Times [from Riel 30,000 [approx. US$7.43] to Riel 100,000 [approx US$24.80] during the days of and after the armed conflict – Banteay Meanchey]


As stated in the Note of The Mirror of Saturday, 18.10.2008, the Cambodian chargé d’affaires at the Cambodian embassy in Bangkok was given an aide mémoire where the Thai authorities did not claim to have evidence, but they stated a clear basis on which any doubt could be erased: by a reference to the mine registry which Cambodia presented in 2002 to the United Nations with a precise number of mines stored. A response to that specific question would remove any doubts, which may remain at some places, even in face of a denial.

    Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.2, #267, 19-21.10.2008

    • [RCAF Commander-in-Chief] Ke Kim Yan Calls on Khmer Troops Not to Confront Siam [Thailand] with Weapons

    Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #121, 19-20.10.2008

    • Council of Ministers Adopts Financial Draft Laws for 2009
    • The US Embassy Is Open to Provide Visas [but warns the Cambodian People to be careful with some dishonest companies that demand and extort much money from those who won the Green Card Lottery to live in the United States]

    Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6477, 20.10.2008

    • Four Victims [a couple and two women from Kampot] of Forced Marriages during the Khmer Rouge Regime File Complaints to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal
    • The Cambodian Rice Millers Association Has Nearly 50,000 Tonnes of Paddy Rice in Stock for This Year; Cambodia Will Not Face a Shortage of Paddy Rice, and Rice to Support the Local Market
    • House Owner Struggling with [four or five unidentified] Robbers Was Shot Dead with an AK Assault Rifle while His Wife Was Hit to Faint [Ou Reang Ov, Kompong Cham]

    Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3592, 20.10.2008

    • High Ranking Official of the Opposition Party [Mr. Son Chhay] Criticizes that the Government Should Stop Depending on Foreign Aid [but the government should create proper laws and services to attract investors]
    • Residents at Borei Keila Oppose that the Phanimex Company Constructs Stalls under Their Buildings [which were constructed for the residents as their housing, in exchange for leaving their land for the development of the company]

    Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4720, 19-20.10.2008

    • Lawyer [Ang Udom] Asks to Detain Ieng Sary [a former Khmer Rouge leader] at a Hospital to Make It Easy to Keep Him Available for the Trial
    • An Environmental ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Detail Discusses Cross-Border Air Pollution in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore

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