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Saturday, 27.9.2008: Prime Minister Hun Sen Announces Elections of Councils for the Capital, for Provinces, Cities, Counties, and Districts to Be Held on 17 May 2009

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 579

Note 1:

1. The translation of an article under the title above can be posted only during Sunday.

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2. Because of the National Holidays of Pchum Ben – remembering the ancestors – our next text and headline translations should not be expected before 2 October 2008.

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Norbert Klein

Note 2:

The terminology for the new administrative units used here is provisional – whatever will be the agreed upon to be the correct and widely used wording, it has to describe a hierarchical structure with the capital city Phnom Penh at the top and four layers under it.

“As announced by Prime Minister Hun Sen, elections for several councils will have to be held on 17 May 2009, to select councils for the capital city, for the provinces [ខេត្ត​], cities [​ក្រុង​], for counties [ស្រុក], and districts [ខណ្ឌ​] – not by general elections – but where only the commune councilors [ក្រុម​ប្រឹក្សា​ឃុំ​ សង្កាត់] – elected during the commune elections 2007] will vote for the newly to be created councils].

“Mr. Hun Sen said during his inauguration in the position as Prime Minister of the fourth term government yesterday, 26 September 2008, ‘The new points of the fourth term government will be implemented after the election of councils for the provinces, cities, counties, and districts..’

“The elections date was stated by Mr. Hun Sen during the first session of the new Council of Ministers to be 17 May 2009.

At the same occasion Mr. Hun Sen said also that the elections of the councils at provincial, city, county, and district levels will take place at the same time, separate for each level, of the councils that will govern the provinces, cities, counties, and districts.

“Observers said that it is a system which was used during the time when the Cambodian People’s Party was alone in power between 1979 and 1993.

“Mr. Hun Sen said, ‘At the time of the selection of the councils, also governing councils will be formed. At the time of the creation of high ranking councils, also provincial governing councils will be formed. During the creation of councils for counties and districts, also governing councils for cities will be created.’

“Together with the creation of this new system of government, the Prime Minister said that the budget is adjusted to have four levels; previously, there were only national budgets and commune budgets. He said, ‘Now, laws are already being drafted for the national, provincial, city, county, and district levels, and also for the communes and commune districts.’

“Phnom Penh ‘City’ will be changed to be called ‘Capital’ instead, while three other cities – Kep, Sihanoukville, and Pailin – will be changed to become provinces.

“In addition, according to the Prime Minister’s speech, well populated places in the country will be changed to be called ‘cities.’ The Prime Minister explained this with an example, like the Kompong Cham central population area, will be changed to be Kompong Cham City…

“Based on the speech of more than four hours which finished after 12:00 a.m. yesterday, Mr. Hun Sen affirmed that all ministries in the fourth term will be controlled by ministers of the Cambodian People’s Party.

“Mr. Hun Sen announced also that the governors of the 24 cities and provinces are people from the Cambodian People’s Party, and officials from other parties will not be allowed to take those positions.

“Mr. Hun Sen added that the fourth term government will continue to implement the polices of the third term. This was a good promise made again by the Prime Minister.

“Regarding the elections for councils for the capital, for the provinces, for cities, counties, and districts in 2009, people from civil society expressed their opinion that the elections have to be held for the general public, allowing the citizens to vote on choose who will be in these these councils.

“Based on the laws for Cambodia that have just been created for this plan, the citizens are not allowed to vote, but only the commune and commune-district councilors [ប្រឹក្សា​ឃុំ​ សង្កាត់​], why it is called a non-general election.

“Probably, based on this impressioin, Mr. Hun Sen announced all governors and deputy governors of provinces, cities, counties, and districts will all be members of the Cambodian People’s Party, through non-general elections, by the commune and commune-district councilors as representatives of the Cambodian People’s Party.

“Civil society organizations voiced their concern over the freedom of democracy in Cambodia which becomes smaller while the Cambodian People’s Party broadens its power everywhere.

“Yesterday, non-government organizations and civil society officials were blamed by the Prime Minister to have been serving different countries for being paid wages by them.

“However, citizens from countries that provide funds for non-government and civil society organizations in Cambodia view those groups as important activities to contribute to lead Cambodia to become a rule-of-law country with democracy where human rights are generally respected and everyone is under the law.” Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.15, #3417, 27.9.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Saturday, 27 September 2008

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1757, 27-2.9-10.2008

  • The Thai Prime Minister Plans to Visit Cambodia on 14 October 2008 [according to Prime Minister Hun Sen]
  • Samdech Hun Sen Calls on Khmer [illegal] Workers in Thailand to Return to Cambodia [saying that some places in Cambodia lack workers]
  • There Was an Attempt to Shoot and Kill a Director of an Organization [Cambodian National Research Organization, Mr. Heang Vuthy] by an Unidentified Persons [but military police helped him, and the murders escaped, 25 September 2008, Phnom Penh]
  • Non-Government Organizations [Khmer Census League and the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights – LICADHO] Ask the Authorities to Take Action on Those Who Suffer for Protecting the Human Rights of People
  • Thai Court Sentences [Thai former Prime Minister] Mr. Samak to Serve Two Years in Prison for Defamation [of the Bangkok Deputy Municipal Governor in 2006]

Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.2, #253, 27-1.9-10.2008

  • Murderer [who murdered Hy Vuthy, the Trade Union representative of the Santech Factory] Is Not Found Yet, but [Judge] Chey Sovann Announced to Close the Investigation, Drawing Reaction from [National Police Commissioner General] Hok Lundy

Khmer Sthapana, Vol.1, #106, 26.9.2008

  • Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen: Nobody Thinks about To Start a War [with Thailand], Except if They Attack Our Country First

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6461, 27-28.9.2008

  • Cambodian Youth Have Difficulties to Get Jobs, while Employers Find It Difficult to Recruit Youth Staff with Qualified Skills
  • Traffic Accidents in Phnom Penh Increased in May 2008; 98 Died and 543 Were Injured Countrywide

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3576, 27-1.9-10.2008

  • The Sam Rainsy Party Parliamentarian [Son Chhay] Criticizes the Creations of a Corruption Laws That Lacks Clarity

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.1705, #4705, 27-2.9.2008

  • Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Anupong Paochinda Will Come to Check the Ta Krabei and the Ta Moan Temples [according to his announcement on 26 September 2008]


Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Anupong Paochinda visited the disputed border area near Prasat Ta Muen Thom in Surin Friday morning

Anupong and his delegation flew on two helicopters to Surin’s Phanom Dongrak district at 9:50 am.
He then traveled by car to the ancient temple to be briefed on the dispute by local army officers.
Anupong would in turn brief the new government to conduct a talk with the Cambodian government to try to end the dispute.

The army chief returned to Bangkok at 11:50 am.

(Source: The Nation. Bangkok)

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.15, #3417, 27.9.2008

  • Prime Minister Hun Sen Announces Elections of Councils for the Capital, for Provinces, Cities, Counties, and Districts to Be Held on 17 May 2009
  • Those Who Have Land, but Do Not Have Housing at the Boeng Kak Lake Will Not Get Compensation [according to information by the government to the Phnom Penh Municipality]
  • The Government Plans to Adopt Laws to Control Non-Government Organizations [according to Prime Minister Hun’s speech during the new Council of Ministers’ session on 26 September 2008 – he criticized some organizations and associations that do not implement their policies and are created just for cheating. Those organizations always want to know much about the government, but they don’t want the government to know about them. He added that some terrorism might be dormant in those organizations and they might start their activities like previous ones. He affirmed that those laws were drafted already together with the anti-corruption law and they will be adopted at the same time.]
  • The Prime Minister Orders to Review the Speculation Related to the Sale of the Renakse Hotel [by asking the new President of the new National Assembly, Samdech Heng Samrin, Mr. Chea Soth, and the Minister of Religion and Cults Min Khin, to discuss this case]

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