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Friday, 26.9.2008: The Fourth Term Government Has 250 Members without Calculating the Number of Under-Secretaries of State

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 579

“The organizing structures of the National Assembly and of the fourth term Royal Government were voted upon with a vote of confidence.

“In the morning of 25 September 2008, the National Assembly opened its first session under the presidency of Mr. Chea Soth, the eldest member.

“During the session, the fourth term National Assembly elected the president, the vice-presidents, and the chairpersons of the nine commissions of the National Assembly, but during the vote of confidence to create the fourth term Royal Government, the members of the Sam Rainsy Party and of the Human Rights Party were not present in the National Assembly. However, the session did not lack a quorum. Samdech Ponhea Chakrey Heng Samrin was elected President of the National Assembly, Mr. Nguon Nhel First Vice President of the National Assembly, Mr. Say Chhum Second Vice President of the National Assembly, and nine other members from the Cambodian People’s Party were elected to chair the nine commissions of the National Assembly. In addition, the National Assembly conducted a (package) vote [one vote for the whole list of names, not on the individual names ] of confidence in the 249 members of the fourth term Royal Government as shown in the list below:

Composition of the Royal Government

Prime Minister
Samdech Akkak Moha Senapadei Dekchor Hun Sen

Deputy Prime Ministers
1.H.E. Sar Kheng
2.H.E. Sok An
3.H.E. Tea Banh
4.H.E. Hor Namhong
5.H.E. Men Sam An
6.H.E. Bin Chhin
7.H.E. Nhek Bunchhay
8.H.E. Keat Chhon
9.H.E. Yim Chhai Ly

Senior Ministers
1.H.E. Im Chhun Lim
2.H.E. Chhay Than
3.H.E. Cham Prasidh
4.H.E. Mok Mareth

In Charge of Special Commissions

5.H.E. Nhim Vanda
6.H.E. Tao Seng Huor
7.H.E. Khun Haing
8.H.E. Ly Thuch
9.H.E. Kol Pheng
10.H.E. Sun Chantol
11.H.E. Veng Sereyvuth
12.H.E. Nuth Sokhom
13.H.E. Om Yentieng
14.H.E. Ieng Moly
15.H.E. Var Kimhong
16.H.E. Yim Nol La

1. The Council of Ministers
1.H.E. Sok An
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Prak Sokhom
3.H.E. Bun Uy
4.H.E. Seng Lim Neou
5.H.E. Majas Las
6.H.E. Chan Tani
7.H.E. Nhor Srun
8.H.E. Svay Sitha
9.H.E. Sok Pheng
10.H.E. Keo Saphal
11.H.E. Khim Bo
12.H.E. Chek Leng
13.H.E. Sim Vanna
14.H.E. Tep Nonnry
15.H.E. Chrea Chenda
16.H.E. Phay Siphan
17.H.E. In Vireakcheat

2. The Ministry of Interior
1.H.E. Sar Kheng
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Em Sam An
3.H.E. Prum Sokha
4.H.E. Nouth Sa An
5.H.E. Sin Pinsen
6.H.E. Sak Setha
7.H.E. Ngy Chanphal
8.H.E. Khan Savoeun
9.H.E. Chou Bun Eng [F]
10.H.E. Pol Lim

3. The Ministry of National Defense
1.H.E. Tea Banh
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Chay Saing Yun
3.H.E. Moeung Samphan
4.H.E. Neang Phat
5.H.E. Phan Nguon
6.H.E. El Vansarath
7.H.E. Hun Phoeung

4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
1.H.E. Hor Namhong
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Long Visalo
3.H.E. Ouch Borith
4.H.E. Kao Kim Huon
5.H.E. Ung San
6.H.E. Sun Saphoeun [F]
7.H.E. Hak Savuth

5. The Ministry of Economy and Finance
1.H.E. Keat Chhon
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Ouk Rabun
3.H.E. Aun Pom Moniroth
4.H.E. Kong Vibol
5.H.E. Bun Sam
6.H.E. Chea Peng Chheang
7.H.E. Ou Bunlong
8.H.E. Ung Tea Seam
9.H.E. So Victor
6. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
1.H.E. Chan Sarun
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Chan Tong Ives
3.H.E. Por Try
4.H.E. Lim Sokun
5.H.E. Teng Lao
6.H.E. Uk Sokhann
7.H.E. Kieng Vang
8.H.E. Om Kimsear

7. The Ministry of Rural Development
1.H.E. Chea Sopahara
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Suos Kong
3.H.E. In Chantha
4.H.E. Ly Pros
5.H.E. Lon Phan
6.H.E. Sao Chivoan
7.H.E. Try Meng
8.H.E. Sim Sun

8. The Ministry of Commerce
1.H.E. Cham Prasidh
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Kem Sithan
3.H.E. PBnn Sosak
4.H.E. Ok Boung
5.H.E. Chan Nara
6.H.E. Keo Soknay
7.H.E. Mao Thora
8.H.E. Var Cheang

9. The Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy
1.H.E. Suy Sem
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Ith Praing
3.H.E. Klaut Vandy
4.H.E. Nhek Chroeng
5.H.E. Chea Siang Hong
6.H.E. Sat Samy
7.H.E. Taing Kin Vin
8.H.E. Phork Soanarith

10. The Ministry of Planning
1.H.E. Chhay Than
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Ou Orhat
3.H.E. Hul Lim
4.H.E. Ouk Chay
5.H.E. Hou Taing Eng
6.H.E. Nger Chhayleang
7.H.E. In Satoeung
8.H.E. So Nath

11. The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport
1.H.E. Im Sethy
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Pith Chamnan
3.H.E. Bun Sok
4.H.E. Mak Vann
5.H.E. Nath Bunroeun
6.H.E. Chey Chap
7.H.E. Ouk Moun
8.H.E. Phoeung Sakona [F]

12. The Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation
1.H.E. Ith Sam Heng
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Nim Thoth
3.H.E. Yi Yaun
4.H.E. Say Siphann
5.H.E. Sam Chanrem
6.H.E. Sem Sokha
7.H.E. Mut Khiev
8.H.E. Hav Bunse
9.H.E. Tor Soeuth

13. The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
1.H.E. Im Chhun Lim
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Chhan Saphan
3.H.E. Nuth Narang
4.H.E. Prak Ham
5.H.E. Phoeung Sophoan
6.H.E. Roth Sarin
7.H.E. Kim Kayleang
8.H.E. Kim Kosal

14. The Ministry of Environment
1.H.E. Mok Mareth
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Prach Sun
3.H.E. Khieu Muth
4.H.E. Khong Sam Nuon
5.H.E. Yin Kim Sean
6.H.E. Thuk Kroeun Vutha
7.H.E. Heam Kolbot
8.H.E. Sim Soleng

15. The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
1.H.E. Lim Kean Hor
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Sam Sarith
3.H.E. Veng Sakhon
4.H.E. Phang Sareth
5.H.E. Sao Sereymony
6.H.E. Sing Kiri
7.H.E. Tan Vanthara
8.H.E. Bun Hean

16. The Ministry of Information
1.H.E. Khieu Kanharith
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Uk Prathna
3.H.E. Mao Ayuth
4.H.E. Thach Phen
5.H.E. Nouv Sovathero
6.H.E. Chan Savuth
7.H.E. Hor Sopheap
8.H.E. Lev Sinara

17. The Ministry of Justice
1.H.E. Ang Vong Vathana
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Hy Sophea
3.H.E. Long Phol
4.H.E. Chan Sotheavy [F]
5.H.E. Sam Sophal
6.H.E. Ngor Sovann
7.H.E. Prum Setra
8.H.E. Meach Sam On

18. The Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relatioins and Inspection
1.H.E. Sam Kim Suor [F]
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Chheng Saroeun
3.H.E. Hong Them
4.H.E. Kang Nem
5.H.E. Phou Sothea
6.H.E. Tuot Lux
7.H.E. Thach Khom
8.H.E. Duch Sovanary
9.H.E. Sopheak Thavy [F]

19. The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
1.H.E. So Khun
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Chin Bun Sean
3.H.E. La Narath
4.H.E. Sarak Khan
5.H.E. Ros Samay
6.H.E. Khay Khun Heng
7.H.E. Ek Vandy
8.H.E. Kouch Ky

20. The Ministry of Health
1.H.E. Mam Bunheng
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Heng Taykry
3.H.E. Ung Phyrun
4.H.E. Eng Huot
5.H.E. Sok Pheng
6.H.E. Ouk Monna
7.H.E. Te Kuyseang
8.H.E. Chou Yinsim

21. The Ministry of Public Works and Transportat
1.H.E. Tram Iv Tek
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Ing Bun Hoa
3.H.E. Mom Sibon
4.H.E. Suong Heng
5.H.E. Touch Chankosal
6.H.E. Kep Than
7.H.E. Lim Sidenine
8.H.E. Nou Souvath

22. The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
1.H.E. Him Chhem
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Khim Sarith
3.H.E. Chuch Phoeum
4.H.E. Khouy Mengheang
5.H.E. Ming Kosny [F]
6.H.E. Ouk Socheat
7.H.E. Som Sokun
8.H.E. Thai Naraksatya
9.H.E. Meng Huor

23. The Ministry of Tourism
1.H.E. Thong Khon
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Sam Prumanear
3.H.E. Ros Ren
4.H.E. Sieng Kim Han
5.H.E. So Mara
6.H.E. Chum Iek
7.H.E. Kimouchansamith
8.H.E. Ly Bunthoeun
9.H.E. Kor Sumsaroeut

24. The Ministry of Religions and Cults
1.H.E. Min Khin
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Phlok Phan
3.H.E. Chhom Iem
4.H.E. Men Han
5.H.E. Dok Narin
6.H.E. Sos Mossin
7.H.E. Norak Ratanakvathanor
8.H.E. Phon Palla [F]

25. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs
1.H.E. Ing Kantha Phavi [F]
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Kheng Samvada [F]
3.H.E. Khim Chamroen [F]
4.H.E. Chan Sorey [F]
5.H.E. Im Sithe [F]
6.H.E. Sy Define [F]
7.H.E. San Arun [F]
8.H.E. Sivann Botum [F]

26. The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
1.H.E. Vong Sauth
Secretaries of State
2.H.E. Pich Sophoan
3.H.E. Othsman Hassan
4.H.E. Kin Mon
5.H.E. Prak Chantha
6.H.E. Oum Mean
7.H.E. Huy Han Song
8.H.E. Mon Vannak

27. Minster Delegated to the Prime Minister
1.H.E. Ouk Rabun
2.H.E. Ho Sithy
3.H.E. Prak Sokhon
4.H.E. Aun Pom Moniroth
5.H.E. Sok Chenda
6.H.E. Mam Sarin
7.H.E. Sri Thamrung
8.H.E. Ngor Sovann

Secretariats under the Council of Ministers
1.Secretariat of Public Functions
H.E. Pich Bunthin [Secretary of State]

2.Secretariat of Civil Aviation
H.E. Mao Havannal [Secretary of State]

Chakraval, Vol,16, #2814, 26.9.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Friday, 26 September 2008

Chakraval, Vol.16, #2814, 26.9.2008

  • The Fourth Term Government Has 250 Members without Calculating the Number of Under-Secretaries of State

Deum Tnot, Vol.1, #37, 26-27.9.2008

  • Samdech Akak Moha Ponhea Chakrey Heng Samrin Has 160 Advisors and 9 Assistants; H.E. Nguon Nhel Has 41 Advisors [counted on 27 July 2008]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1756, 26.9.2008

  • The King Granted an Amnesty to the Convict Norodom Ranariddh [president of the Norodom Ranariddh Party – by a Royal Decree dated 25 September 2008]
  • A Man like an Animal Raped His [16-year-old] Daughter – Put in Jail by Police [Kampot]

Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.2, #252, 26.9.2008

  • [The Sam Rainsy Party Parliamentarian] Son Chhay Supports the Initiative of the Committee for Free and Fair Elections – COMFREL – for the Organization of Elections and the Distribution of the National Assembly Seats, Following the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia – UNTAC – Formula [using a ‘leftover formula’ for certain reallocation of minority votes making it possible to gain seats from a minor number of votes]
  • [The President of the Human Right Party] Kem Sokha and [the Deputy Secretary-General of the Sam Rainsy Party] Mu Sochua: The Human Rights Party and the Sam Rainsy Party Still Maintain the Alliance

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6460, 26.9.2008

  • Understanding Mr. Kem Sokha Who Was Cheated by Sam Rainsy [he did not know that the Sam Rainsy Party would attend the National Assembly session – said Prime Minister Hun Sen]
  • More Than 4,000 Traffic Regulation Books Have Been Distributed to the General Public Free of Charge [Phnom Penh]
  • Last Year, during Seven Days of Pchum Ben, 48 People Died and 889 Others Were Injured in Traffic Accidents
  • The Thai King Appointed the [new] Members of the Cabinet; Somchai Wongsawat Becomes Prime Minister and Senior Minister of Defense [24 September 2008]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3575, 26.9.2008

  • [SRP parliamentarian from Phnom Penh] Yim Sovann: The Control of All Positions in the [fourth term] National Assembly by the Cambodian People’s Party Reflects a Setback for Democracy

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4704, 26.9.2008

  • Samdech Hun Sen Becomes the Prime Minister; There Are 9 Deputy Prime Ministers and 16 Senior Ministers, 26 Ministers, and 198 Secretaries of State
  • High Service Commissions Are Affecting Tourism in Cambodia [this leads to high prices, making some tourists hesitate to visit Cambodia]
  • Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Seeks Investment Opportunities in Cambodia [Mr. Neville Shroff, head of the Asia/Africa Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, led members from nineteen big companies in Hong Kong to Cambodia]
  • American Man Who Lived with a [14 or 15-year-old] Khmer Girl More Than One Year [since January 2007] Was Arrested [Kamrieng district, Battambang]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.15, #3416, 26.9.2008

  • [Minister of Defense General] Tea Banh and [the Chairman of Cambodia’s National Committee for Resolving Border Problems] Var Kimhong Have Opposing Ideas about the Intrusion by Siamese [Thai] Troops into Khmer Territory [Tea Banh said that Cambodians entered Thai territory first, while Var Kimhong said that Thais entered Khmer territory fist]

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