Tuesday, 4.3.2008: Phnom Penh City Will Stop Bus Business in the City by the End of 2008

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 550

“To solve the problems of daily traffic congestions in Phnom Penh due to the growth of the population and the increasing number of vehicles, the governor of Phnom Penh, Mr. Kep Chuk Tema issued a strict announcement: to prohibit large passenger buses from operating on the roads of Phnom Penh by the end of 2008. This is the second reminder for all bus owners who are doing business in Phnom Penh. A representative of the governor, Mr. Chreang Sophan, held a meeting last week in the meeting hall of the Phnom Penh municipality with the participation of relevant officials and representatives from bus companies, in order to widely disseminate the information about the end of large bus traffic in Phnom Penh at the end of 2008.

“The deputy governor of Phnom Penh, Mr. Chreang Sophan, said at the meeting that this is the second time that the Phnom Penh municipality has disseminated such information, so that all owners of bus companies can be prepared in advance to seek appropriate and suitable locations which will not affect the public order. As for this regulation, City Hall is determined to implement it because at present, the authorities are facing severe challenges from traffic jams, as the growth of the population and the increase of the number of vehicles go beyond estimates. Mr. Chreang Sophan added that, concerning solutions for the above problem, City Hall has nothing but this regulation. It is necessary, and it is also the first step to take, for large and long buses, which cause major problems leading to traffic jams. As for next steps, other vehicles which cause traffic jams will also be brought under control, so that traffic congestions can be avoided. Even though City Hall knows in advance that the measure will affect the feelings of some people, City Hall will still not hesitate to carry out this regulation, because many people support this plan. It should be remembered that there are complaints about parking and traveling buses. Business owners are not considerate of the difficulties they cause to other passersby, when their buses are parked everywhere along public streets, which causes heavy traffic congestions and serious inconveniences.

“In the meeting, an official of Phnom Penh Municipality said that at present, Phnom Penh has grown to have a population of 2 million people, there are 160,000 cars, and 60 motorbikes [surely this number in the original is wrong] with license plates, apart from the cars and motorbikes without license plates, together with cars and motorbikes with provincial license plates entering the city, and together with Tuk-Tuk taxis, and large buses. In particular, the disrespect of traffic laws is one of the main causes of traffic congestions. The same official confirmed that from the end of 2008 onwards, City Hall would order that large-sized buses have to stop at suburban areas, such as along Road No. 271, Road No. 273, Road No. 598, Road No. 90, National Road No.1 at the area of Chbar Ampov, National Road No. 2 at the area of Chak Angrae, National Road No. 4 at the area of Choam Chao, and National Road No. 6 at the area of Prek Leap. Particularly, the number of buses which will be allowed to operate in Phnom Penh will be also clearly defined, and it will be necessary to ask for permission from the government.” Neak Cheat Niyum, Vol.3, #42, 4.3.2008

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chakraval, Vol.16, #2759, 4.3.2008

  • 11 Year-Old Girl Was Raped and Killed Along Tonle Basak River by an Unknown Person [decomposing body was found]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1583, 4.3.2008

  • The Theme for the Woman’s Day of 2008 Is ‘Women and Social Development’
  • Monthly Meeting of the Phnom Penh Municipality Pushes Tax on [unused] Land

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6287, 4.3.2008

  • Japanese Warship Collides with Cambodian Freight Ship in Ho Chi Minh Port [no injuries, Japanese Defense Minister may resign to take responsibility]
  • European Community Plans to Send 200 Election Observers to Cambodia
  • Deputy Prime Minister Tea Banh, Minister of Defense, Will Visit Japanese Defense Forces [4 to 8 March 2008, to strengthen cooperation]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3403, 4.3.2008

  • Sam Rainsy Supporters Both Inside and Outside of Cambodia Are Still Firm With the Party
  • Senior Officers of Funcinpec Are Angry with Chakrapong as He Told Samdech Euv [the Father King] that Funcinpec Will Only Win Two Seats; More Seats Can Only Be Won by a Blessed Miracle

Neak Cheat Niyum, Vol.3, #42, 4.3.2008

  • Phnom Penh City Will Stop Bus Business in the City by the End of 2008

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4531, 4.3.2008

  • Thai Prime Minister Does Not Object to the Plan to List the Preah Vihear Temple As a World Heritage Site
  • Champei and Raing Phnom Trees Are Bought to Be Sold to Thailand [Plumeria Alba and Shorea Siamensis are getting less and less, they are known to be traditional medicine plants]
  • Amnesty International Agrees to Correct Its Report [regarding forced evictions]

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #636, 4.3.2008

  • Sam Rainsy Warns Currently Ruling Party about Prediction of Its Victory Before the Election
  • Head of Teachers’ Association [Mr. Rong Chhun] Request Minister of Education Kol Pheng to Pay Teachers in Time

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One Response to “Tuesday, 4.3.2008: Phnom Penh City Will Stop Bus Business in the City by the End of 2008”

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I do support the idea of stopping Bus Business in Phnom Penh in the very short future. Phnom Penh is now bulletted with skyscrapers, tourism products (restaurants, hotels, entertainment palors, casinos), we, however, ignore to deal with Parking Business.

I am looking forward to see Phnom Penh freer from all-the-time traffic jame.

Vicheka Lay

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