Friday, 29.2.2008: National Election Committee Publishes Voter List on a Website so that It Can Be Reviewed

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The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 549

“Phnom Penh: The National Election Committee [NEC] posted its voter list on the website

so that citizens, political parties, and non-government organizations can check the names and data of their staff in the voter list, according to a press release from the NEC on 27 February 2008.

“NEC Secretary General Mr. Tep Nytha said that the list of more than 8 million voters for the 27 July 2008 parliamentary election was posted on a website, and citizens can look into the information on the website given above, from 26 February to the election day. If citizens cannot find their names or lose their data, they can contact the National Election Computer Center of the NEC during working hours at the following phone numbers: 011-787766, 015-867766, 017-467766, 092-797766, or 099-787766, so that the staff on standby can help them.

“He added that currently, the NEC has two websites. The first website has the address

General information on elections was entered into the website which was started for the 2003 parliamentary elections, and it is in operation until now. The second website has the address, which has been operational just this year. The website carries only the voter lists. He continued to say that citizens, political parties, and institutions related to the elections, can print or download and copy information concerning the voter list from the website.

“On 27 February 2007, the NEC held a press conference to disseminate the official voter list and to announce the number of the organizations which had given their opinions about the draft regulations and procedures for the 2008 fourth-mandate parliamentary election. Mr. Im Suosdey, the chairperson of the NEC, had examined and approved the voter list already on 26 February 2008. The list has a total of 8,124,092 voters. He confirmed that for the fourth-mandate parliamentary election, there are a total of 15,254 voting offices. Regarding the opinions that the organizations and institutions gave, in order to contribute to the draft regulations and procedures, Mr. Im Suosdey said that they came from the Ministry of Interior, from the Cambodian People’s Party, from the Sam Rainsy Party, from Funcinpec, from the Norodom Ranariddh Party, and from two NGOs – from the Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia, and from the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia.

“In the press conference, representatives from political parties and NGOs proposed to the NEC to organize a meeting with relevant institutions which had provided recommendations about the draft regulations and procedures before the NEC approved them. The chairperson of the NEC responded that the NEC would organize a meeting between its general secretariat and representatives from institutions and NGOs which had given ideas about the draft regulations and procedures, in order to provide clear explanations about the reasons why the NEC had not included all into the draft. In the press conference, representatives from political parties requested the NEC to cease using Form 1018 [identity documents required to vote: national identification card, or passport, or civil servant, police, or army identification card, family booklet with identification pictures, and documents identifying monks; if Cambodian eligible voters do not have any of these documents, they could ask their Commune Council to establish an identification form know as Form 1018], and they also asked the NEC to urge the Ministry of Interior to issue Khmer nationality identification cards for all citizens as soon as possible, so that they can use these documents to vote.

“With regard to Form 1018, Mr. Im Suodey confirmed, “We cannot stop using the form, because sometimes those who already had identification cards might have lost them, for example because of a house fire, or when they were living on a dangerous boat that leaked… What documents would they have to cast their votes?” He added that for the national elections, the NEC plans to instruct commune chiefs and district chiefs not to issue Form 1018 before the election day.” Koh Santepheap, Vol. 41, #6284, 29.2.08

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Friday, 29 February 2008

Chakraval, Vol.16, #2758, 29.2.2008

  • New Thai Prime Minister Will Visit Cambodia First [in early March]

Chuoy Khmer, Vol.2, #54, 29.2.2008

  • If Hun Sen Wants to Know if Yuon [Vietnam] Takes Khmer Land or Not, He Should Ask Heng Samrin [president of National Assembly – because Vietnamese soldiers moved border line into Heng Samrin’s home village in Ponhea Kraek, Kompong Cham]
  • Strongman Hun Sen Denies He Has Secretly Met His Friend Thaksin [Shinawatra, former Thai Prime Minister – in Phnom Penh]
  • Older Sister [Pov Chansotheary] of [female singer] Pov Panhapich Does Not Dare to Bring Her Younger Sister [Pov Panhapich] Back to the Country for Fear of Being Shot by Murderers Again

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1580, 29.2.2008

  • Royal Government Checks the Granting Political Asylum by UNHCR to Foreign Citizens in Cambodia
  • Thaksin [Shinawatra, former Thai Prime Minister] Shed Tears on Arrival in Thailand [he was surprised about tens of thousands of people greeting him at the airport]; Samdech Hun Sen Denies He Has Met Thaksin in Cambodia; Police Detained Mr. Thaksin for a Short Time
  • Japan Provides Aid of More Than US$172,000 to Promote Maternal and Child Health Services by Non-Government Organizations

Khmer Machas Srok, Vol.2, #119, 29.2-1.3.2008

  • Mr. Son Chhay [Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian from Phnom Penh]: To Accept that there Are Contested Areas Causes Cambodia to Lose Land at Borders
  • Mr. Yim Sovann [SRP parliamentarian from Phnom Penh]: Sam Rainsy Party Will Take Unemployment as Priority [if it wins elections]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.41, #6284, 29.2.2008

  • National Election Committee Publishes Voter List on Website so that It Can Be Reviewed
  • Denial of Thai Newspaper [The Nation] Report; Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen: If I Met Mr. Thaksin [Shinawatra, former Thai Prime Minister], There Is No Need to Hide It

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.15, #3400, 29.2.2008

  • Hun Sen Boasts that Cambodia Does Not Lose Land, Causing Strong Critical Reaction [by border activists and observers]
  • Head of Royal Government Angry about UNHCR Using Khmer Land as a Refugee Camp
  • Chinese Investment Does Not Speed Up Cambodian Economy [but it destroy environment and Cambodian natural property, such as minerals and trees]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.16, #4528, 29.2.2008

  • Samdech Prime Minister Calls Citizens to Participate in Cambodian Population Census [2008]
  • Thai Prime Minister Asks His Soldiers to Send Reports on Preah Vihear Temple Before He Visits Cambodia
  • Samdech Dekchor [Hun Sen] Says He Will Still Be Prime Minister and He Waits to See Future of Khmer Oil
  • KOICA [Korea International Cooperation Agency] Invites Twelve Officials of the National Election Committee to Attend Election Management Training in [South] Korea
  • Canada Provides CA$1 Million [approximately US$1.02 million] for the 2008 Elections in Cambodia
  • Millionaire Kith Meng [chairperson of the Royal Group] Leases the Biggest Island [Koh Rung] in Sihanoukville

Sakal, Vol.15, #3187, 29.2.2008

  • Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen: The Area of 181,035 Square Kilometers Remains the Same for the Kingdom of Cambodia
    Slot Machine Gambling Invades Phnom Penh

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #633, 29.2.2008

  • Does Hun Sen Waste $2 Million Each Month for Advisors to the Royal Government?

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