Friday, 21.12.2007: Detailed Reports on Theft from the Nation, Committed by Nhek Kosal Vithyea, to Hun Sen Get Stuck at Sok An, Ho Sothy, and Men Sam An

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 539

“Nhek Kosal Vithyea [Director of Telecom Cambodia], chief of the thieves who steal from the nation, whose brain is full of dishonest ideas to destroy the nation by using the ‘green light’ from the person handling government permissions, that is Sok An, once told his companions when some problems had come up, that he had already given money to some functionaries at the Council of Ministers – Prak Sokhon, Sok An [Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in Charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers], Ms. Men Sam An [Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations, and Inspection], Mr. Ho Sothy, director of the cabinet of Hun Sen, and he also stupidly looked down on Prime Minister Hun Sen’s daughter Hun Sreyna, saying that she was useless to them and she is incompetent to support and help them to steal from the nation.

“Mr. Nhek Kosal Vithyea said this to his friends so that they should be confident and not to be frightened about the business in which they cooperate, by with they all steal from the nation. His speech was secretly recorded by friends. Especially, the chief of dishonest ideas Nhek Kosal Vithyea used serious words against Hun Sen’s daughter Hun Sreyna, acting stupidly like a crocodile which has lost its lake [ungrateful].

“Staff members of Telecom Cambodia said that on Tuesday, 18 December 2007, Nhek Kosal Vithyea called all staff and employees to attend a quarterly meeting, and staff and employees came to attend the meeting as normal; in fact, Nhek Kosal Vithyea was to hold it as a conference to review the work of 2007, and to set the goals for 2008, which was different from the purpose to what he had summoned the staff, saying that it was for a normal meeting.

“Understanding that it was a special conference, which was a good opportunity for them, staff – employees, deputy directors-general, and heads of some departments who are disappointed with Nhek Kosal Vithyea for his pressure on them so far – revealed various doubts through this conference, so that they had a better impression and better got to know the ideas of Nhek Kosal Vithyea, who steals from the nation, observing how he would answer. They thought that such a conference is a very important opportunity to ask for ideas, suggesting ideas, and questioning about positive and negative points, and to talk about the current work.

“Though they attended this conference with the understanding to attend only a quarterly meeting, without preparing any relevant documents for this kind of conference, they had already prepared their mouths.

“Unfortunately, or maybe intentionally planned by the chief of the thieves who steals from the nation Nhek Kosal Vithyea, Mr. Sarak Khan opened the conference on behalf of the administrative council, and a bit later, Nhek Kosal Vithyea started to speak urgently alone for hours, in a manner threatening and intimidating the staff, and blocking their freedom without giving to staff and to the employees a chance to ask questions until the end of the conference. No one had a chance to question the chief of the thieves who steals from the nation.

“Nhek Kosal Vithyea, the chief of the thieves who steals from the nation and is full of dishonest ideas, is really disrespectfully looking down on the donor, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation [JBIC] related to the project of creating an optical cable network. Nhek Kosal Vithyea had threatened not to accept the donation from the JBIC if they would not allow him to get the project, worth more than $2 million, to be implemented by himself. JBIC, the donor, had required other companies besides Telecom Cambodia and PCP [Pacific Communication Cambodia] to participate in the bids for the project. As for Telecom Cambodia, it should have only the role to check the technology, study the standards, and to verify the finished output.

“However, Nhek Kosal Vithyea had still his ambitions, which caused the donors to withdraw their confidence and to consider the Hun Sen government to be full of people who are thirsty for corruption. Nhek Kosal Vithyea requested the Ministry of Economy and Finance to take the money, which was to be income for Telecom Cambodia without paying it to the state, in order to connect the optical cables, in order to get the money from the donor, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation later. Indeed, if the Ministry of Economy and Finance was irresponsible to accept the dishonest request by Nhek Kosal Vithyea, it surely colluded with the idea of stealing from the nation, using the power of Sok An to cover this corruption.

“It is still remembered that when Nhek Kosal Vithyea allowed the PCP company to sleep in a mosquito net in Telecom Cambodia [not quite clear – maybe to have allowed PCP to easily get the project allocation], this company got the project with his wife [who is the president of PCP], to create optical fiber connections for six sites – five in Phnom Penh, and one in Poipet. They had extended optical cables and then abandoned them, but forced specialists to sign off in order to certify that their work had already been completed, in order to have a chance to take the money form Telecom Cambodia [to PCP]; however, some staff had not agreed on the results of testing the optical cables, about the levels of the results which they would be prepared to sign to certify the results.

“However, the disagreements between some official annoyed the group who is stealing from the nation, and Nhek Kosal Vithyea resolved to fire some of his staff members, such as Mr. Mov Chakriya and Mr. Lao Saroeun, two deputy directors-general, in order to please his wife who is the president of the PCP company. Furthermore, Nhek Kosal Vithyea, whose brain is full of dishonest ideas, fired also Mr. Sun Chamroeun for disagreeing to change some graphics based on his dishonest ideas, as he took control of switching and then took Sar Chan Kreusna, a simple staff member, as a replacement.

“Recently, staff members said that Nhek Kosal Vithyea had used staff members of Telecom Cambodia and used the labor of these employees of Telecom Cambodia to arrange the optical network for the National Information Technology Development Authority – NiDA – at the Council of Ministers; however, Nhek Kosal Vithyea takes the benefits for only a few people of his partisans.

“It is known that Nhek Kosal Vithyea spent a lot of money to hide scandals, while Hun Sen approved the activities of the investigating institutions. Nhek Kosal Vithyea affirmed that he gave money to Men Sam An [in charge of such investigations as Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations, and Inspection], Prak Sokhon, and Sok An, and especially to Mr. Ho Sothy who is the director of the cabinet of Hun Sen, to make sure that some documents would not reach Hun Sen’s hands. It is very bad that those who are powerful and are to investigate into the theft from the nation, stay in the background and benefit from those who steal from the nation, like in this case. As for Sok An, his hips are stuck [he cannot take any action], because Nhek Kosal Vithyea begs and kneels in front of to Yeay Soma [Grandmother Soma] who is his mother-in-law. Thus, many detailed reports related to Nhek Kosal Vithyea, who steals from the nation, definitely do not reach Hun Sen’s hands.” Khmer Amatak, Vol.8, #538, 21.12.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Friday, 21 December 2007

Areyathor, Vol.14, #1294, 21-22.12.2007

  • Where Was Yash Ghai [Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Human Rights in Cambodia] During Pol Pot Time? [mocking that Yash Ghai could not have entered Cambodia during that time]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.7, #1524, 21.12.2007

  • Samdech Dekchor Shows Documents [about “his former spy”] but He Delays their Publication [understanding the spy’s current boss’ interest]
  • Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen Congratulates South Korean New President [Lee Myung Bak] and Continues to Attack Mr. Yash Ghai Verbally
  • Nearly $10,000 Provided by Two Generous People [Millan Lov, director of Khmer Angkor Film Productions, and Prak Sovann, representative of Mitsu Cambodia] to Phnom Penh Municipality for the Construction of Roads in City

Khmer Amatak, Vol.8, #538, 21.12.2007

  • Detailed Reports on Theft from the Nation, Committed by Nhek Kosal Vithyea, to Hun Sen Get Stuck at Sok An, Ho Sothy, and Men Sam An
  • Diplomats and International Community Want Samdech Krom Preah to Participate in 2008 Election
  • Funcinpec Leaders Know that Many Funcinpec Members Prepare to Join Norodom Ranariddh Party in Early 2008
  • Human Rights in Cambodia Really Decline Like Mr. Yash Ghai’s Report States

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6224, 21.12.2007

  • [Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Human Rights in Cambodia – he is from Kenya] Yash Ghai and Kenya [where millions of people are said to starve]; Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen: To Support Yash Ghai’s Report Is to Look Down on Cambodian Nation
  • Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen Congratulates [Lee Myung Bak’s] Success in Presidential Election by His Former Advisor on Economic Questions Who Is South Korean
  • 40 Senior National Police Promoted Generals

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3343, 21.12.2007

  • Military Ranks Sold for Money for Election Campaign [for Cambodian People’s Party – according to a military chief at Ministry of Defense]
  • Khmer Rouge Tribunal Needs More Than $100 Million [additional] Funds; Hearing of Nuon Chea Will Be Held on 4 February 2008

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4468, 21.12.2007

  • Grenade Thrown [by unknown person] Beneath a Bed in Front of a House: Nine People Wounded [Memut, Kompong Cham]

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