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Monday, 3.12.2007: Cambodia and Thailand Discuss Laborers; 50,000 Khmer Laborers Are Legal and Approximately 130,000 Are Illegal in Thailand

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 537

“Siem Reap: The issue of Khmer laborers going to find jobs in Thailand is still complicated, and it is not yet known how to solve it, though there have been many actions taken which were expected to solve the issue. However, the results are still negative. For instance, at the Poipet border crossing, the Thai authorities arrest 300 to 500 male and female Khmer laborers every day and hand them over to the Cambodian side, and similar things happen also at other border crossings.

“Khmer authorities at the borders observe Khmer laborers who illegally enter Thailand through these corridors to find jobs, some of them enter Thailand and return home during the same day, some go as far as Bangkok, or they even go to find jobs in Malaysia. According to officials of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, the number of Khmer laborers in Thailand is approximately 180,000, out of which approximately only 50,000 are considered to be legal.

“The sixth conference of senior officials, and the third conference of ministers of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Kingdom of Thailand on laborers were finished on 29 November at the Apsara Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap, after the representatives of the two countries had discussed for two days. The conferences were held in order to seek measures to solve some issues, so that Khmer laborers can enter to work in Thailand legally. The delegates who participated in the conferences include senior officials from the relevant ministries of the two countries, such as Mr. Seng Kakada, secretary-general of the General Department of Labor of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training of the Kingdom of Cambodia, who is the leader of the Cambodian delegation, and Mr. Manoon Punyakiriyakorn, Director General, Department of Employment of the Kingdom of Thailand, is the leader of Thai delegation.

“Mr. Seng Kakada told Koh Santepheap that the conferences were organized by the Ministry of Labor with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Defense – those who are in charge of border affairs, and the Council of Ministers. He continued that the conference was divided into two parts – i.e. the sixth conference of senior officials, and the third conference of ministers, after the two countries – Khmer [Cambodia] and Thailand – had signed a memorandum in 2005. The conference is to be held in turn once in Cambodia and once in Thailand.

“Mr. Seng Kakada stated that as an outcome of the sixth conference, which had already finished, the two countries welcomed, at the ministerial level, that Thailand had agreed to provide an office for the different Cambodian ministries to continue their work in Thailand by 30 June 2008. It was also agreed at this time that both sides will create a mixed committee each, with the participation of the relevant ministries and institutions of the two counties, in order to think about the repatriation back home of the Cambodian laborers who went to work illegally in Thailand, and to make arrangements for Khmer and Thai laborers so that they can cross the border in the morning and return in the evening, and to create a technical working group to discuss legal procedures, and they will consider what kinds of letters or papers to be issued, so that laborers of the two countries can cross the border easily. The Cambodian side asked the Thai Ministry of Labor also for technical assistance related to the exchange of information data, it will be possible to send data to Khmer laborers who entered Thailand already for a long or a short time, so that the ministries of labor of the two countries have the same system and can see the same data.

“According to the figures provided, the number of Khmer laborers who have entered to work in Thailand is up to 180,000, but the number of those who have entered Thailand legally is approximately 50,000 only. Mr. Seng Kakada called for Khmer laborers who want to go to work in Thailand, or those who have already gone, to be legal, not illegal, because so far it happens easily that they suffer many dangers, such as labor exploitation, sex trafficking, and they suffer especially from different sicknesses, because there is no law to protect them; if they enter Thailand to work legally, they will also be legally protected.” Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6208, 3.12.2007

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