Saturday, 20.10.2007: Mr. Kong Korm Finds that Current Cambodian Rulers Are Influenced by Vietnam

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 530

“A number of politicians, students, and Cambodian citizens are skeptical about the words Cambodian-Yuon [Vietnamese] Friendship, after Bikkhu Tim Sakhan, the head monk of the Phnom Den Khang Cheung Pagoda, was defrocked and sent to jail on an accusation of having destroyed the Cambodian-Yuon Friendship.

“For instance, recently the head of the Cambodian Government – Prime Minister Hun Sen, addicted-to-power – considered that the head monk Tim Sakhan of the Phnom Den Khang Cheung Pagoda in Kiri Vong District, Takeo, had acted against the Cambodian-Yuon Friendship. However, some analysts of the political situation think that, under the words of Cambodian-Yuon Friendship, Cambodia is probably still under the Yuon colonial yoke like it was in the 1980s.

“A third-year student of the Royal University of Phnom Penh [RUPP], from the Department of Literature, expressed his own opinion that the friendship between Khmer and Yuon is good only for the government, but it negatively affects many issues. Because of much friendship with Yuon, many Yuons enter to live in Cambodia, which is a factor making Khmer citizens lose jobs, causing robberies and prostitution which impact on Khmer traditions.

“Another student of the Department of Information at the RUPP stated that the friendship between Cambodia and Yuon has bad and good sides. The good side is that, as Yuon and Cambodia have a common border; therefore economic relations and trade can easily flourish for mutual import and export of goods. The bad side is, because Cambodia and Yuon have a common border, Yuon immigrants enter easily to resettle illegally, bringing with them robbery and prostitution. Thus, the friendship between Cambodia and Yuon has not only good sides.

“An unmarried woman, who studies at the University of Cambodia in the field of international relations, said that generally relations – it does not matter with which country – have always benefits because now we enter an era of globalization; therefore, we can say in terms of diplomacy that it is good. If we look at our relations with Yuon, they are enormous, compared to other counties; it becomes abnormal, especially the fields of politics are seriously close to each other. Because of such a strong, close relation, every time when a problem occurs, there is no solution; the diplomatic relations that we have seem more like political relations and not like diplomatic relation; they are relations of domination from Yuon on us. It means that these relations do not bring advantages in solving problems, but they establish control instead.

“Concerning these problems above, Mr. Kong Korm, the acting president of the Sam Rainsy Party [SRP], which is the only one big opposition party in the country, said that as a politician and a Khmer citizen, he always wants good relations with other countries, especially with neighboring countries. As for the Cambodian-Vietnamese Friendship, there are many complicated problems, for instance the history, border issues, immigration into Cambodia, and land concessions.

“The acting president of the SRP stated, ‘The sovereignty, integrity, and independence of Cambodia under the present rulers are under Vietnamese influence. About the 1985 supplementary border treaties, about the defrocking of the monk Tim Sakhan, who is accused of destroying the Cambodian-Vietnamese relations and who was sent to Vietnam – we do not have an agreement.’

“Concerning the Cambodian-Yuon Friendship, Khieu Kanharith, the spokesperson of the Cambodian People’s Party that has declared ‘ten thousand years’ of friendship with Yuon, asked whether the people, who claim that the Khmer side loses benefits, want to build a ‘Berlin’ wall like it existed in Germany, or if they want to make war with Vietnam like the Khmer Rouge did.

“Khieu Kanharith stated that actually, the Khmer side gets many advantages from the Cambodian-Vietnamese Friendship. However, Khieu Kanharith did not dare to talk publicly about the fact that previously Yuons insolently encroached on Khmer land along the border.

“Nevertheless, some experts of sociology and of political science expressed their opinions that all countries always want to gain benefits from friendship, but at the end, the calculation of negative and positive points shows that there must be one country that losses benefits and one country that gains benefits. A country gains benefits when a nation has a leader with a national conscience, and the country has strong economic and military sectors. A country that loses benefits is a country that has a leader without national conscience, and it has a poor economic and a weak military sector.

“Before the upcoming 16th anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreements which were signed on 23 October 1991, dozens of high ranking political personalities affirmed that the Paris Peace Agreements did not help Cambodia to get free from the Vietnamese colonial yoke. Consequently, Cambodia, which is at present under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, remains under the influence of the Hanoi communist regime with Nong Duc Manh as secretary-general of the party, Nguyen Minh Triet as president, Nguyen Phu Trong as chairperson of the National Assembly, and Nguyen Tan Dung as prime minister. Hun Sen could not get free from their influence which continues like in the 1980s.

“These political figures claim that the act by the extreme communist Patriarch Tep Vong, ordering the defrocking of Bikkhu Tim Shakorn, the head monk of the Phnom Den Khang Cheung Pagoda, and the subsequent detention by the Ministry of Interior, handing him over to the Vietnamese authority to put him in prison, is evidence to show that obviously Cambodia is at present constantly influenced by the Hanoi communist regime. If Cambodia were not consistently influenced by the Hanoi communist regime, Tim Sakhan, who has Khmer nationality, would not have been sent to the Yuon authorities to jail him, violating the constitution, which is the supreme law of Cambodia.

“These analysts stated that because Cambodia is now influenced by Hanoi politics, the dictatorial prime minister Hun Sen and the CPP leaders do not handle the issue of Yuon immigrants, though many of them live illegally in the Khmer territory. Furthermore, the current Royal Government of Cambodia, headed by the CPP, has clear political guidelines in terms of support for Yuon immigrants who live here illegally, requested to do so by the Hanoi communist leaders.

“These analysts concluded that if one would elaborately analyze the words ‘Cambodian-Yuon Friendship’ they carry not any remarkable benefits to the Khmer nation and its citizens. The words Cambodian-Yuon Friendship are meaningful only for the CPP leaders who were appointed by the communist regime of Hanoi to hold power in early 1979, after the downfall of the Pol Pot regime. Therefore, the CPP leaders, especially the prime minister who is addicted-to-power, Hun Sen, keep on carefully serving the benefits of Yuon, though they are ceaselessly criticized.” Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3290, 20-21.10.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Saturday, 20 October 2007

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1471, 20.10.2007

  • Man Rapes His Wife Six Times, Then Beats Her Three Times with a Stick to Death; He Is Sentenced by Court to 13 Years’ Imprisonment [Phnom Penh]
  • Iran Hangs Nine People on Accusation of Murder and Rape
  • China Summons US Ambassador over Present [of the US Congressional Gold Medal] to the Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama
  • At Least 126 Died in Bombing against Ms. Bhutto [targeting former Pakistani Prime Minister’s motorcade after her return to the country]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3290, 20-21.10.2007

  • Mr. Kong Korm Finds that Current Cambodian Rulers Are Influenced by Vietnam
  • Sam Rainsy Party Asks National Election Committee to Prolong Voter Registration

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4415, 20.10.2007

  • Princess Arun Rasmey Is on a Bumpy Political Road [she has just been selected as Funcinpec prime ministerial candidate]
  • Japan Will Start Direct Flights to Cambodia [in November]
  • Representatives of 1,000 Families in Moung Russey District Come to Complain in Phnom Penh against Authorities Selling Lake to Businesspeople [Battambang]
  • Fire Swallows 19 Houses Opposite Moung Market [Moung Russey]
  • French President [Nicolas Sarkozy] and His Wife [Cecilia] Divorced [by mutual consent]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3120, 20.10.2007

  • Son Chhay [Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian from Phnom Penh] Suspects that Khmer Rouge Tribunal Is Biased towards Arrest of Culprits
  • Sam Rainsy Says Current Power Holders Received Doctor’s and Master’s Degrees Which Are Like Toilet Tissues [related to Sam Rainsy speech]

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