Monday, 28.5.2007: Krom Preah Shows Himself Through Video

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 510


“Phnom Penh: Prince Sisowath Thomico, the head of the representation of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party, said on 27 May that his party has dissolved itself in order to join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party in a process of reconciliation of monarchists and other patriots, in order to bring together the democratic forces to participate together in the 2008 general elections. Prince Thomico said so in the congress held to merge his Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party and the Norodom Ranariddh Party on the morning of 27 May in Boeng Kak Pir Subdistrict, Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, although some members did not completely support this congress.

“On the morning of 27 May approximately 400 members of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party from 11 provinces and towns [names not mentioned] throughout the country participated in the extraordinary congress for merging the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party and the Norodom Ranariddh Party. During the congress, Samdech Krom Preah’s pre-recorded speech was also played to all members attending. In the speech which was played, Samdech Krom Preah appealed also to Funcinpec members to join with him, and he applauded all members of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party who decided to join with him.

“Ms. Chea Sok, aged 49 from Chamkar Leu District, Kompong Cham, who attended the congress, said that she does not oppose the merger at all. She continued, ‘I completely agree on everything, I go with the leadership of Samdech Thomico.’ However, Mr. Ma Chim from Koh Andaet Commune, Koh Andaet District, Takeo, said that he has not yet decided to go with Prince Thomico in joining with the Norodom Ranariddh Party, because he does not yet know well about the new policy and structure. He affirmed, ‘I attend and listen to the congress, but I do not known the content, because Samdech Krom Preah is abroad and we want to see him directly.’

“In the recorded speech, Samdech Krom Preah said that he applauds the appropriate decision to join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party. Samdech Krom Preah continued, ‘I would also like to appeal to the members and the leaders of Funcinpec which I used to lead, and which used to be the real monarchist party, faithful to the nation. I had success in the 1993 general election, and now I would like to appeal to the Funcinpec members to join and help, as the core of the Norodom Ranariddh Party coming out of Funcinpec.’

“Mr. Nov Sovatharo, the Funcinpec spokesperson, said, ‘Funcinpec is not surprised about anything, and we have already known those who want to join with Samdech Krom Preah, but we have not taken any action, letting them reconsider before they make up their decision.’ He continued, ‘Some used to be disappointed with Samdech Krom Preah such as Mr. Nhek Bun Chhay and Mr. Lu Laysreng.’ He went on to say, ‘As for the decision of Funcinpec to delete Prince Ranariddh’s title and make him the historical guide, in Funcinpec there is not only Samdech Krom Preah, many other people can also be called historical guides.’

“Mr. Nov Sovatharo continued, ‘Concerning what Samdech Krom Preah said, that he wrote to Mr. Keo Puth Rasmey, the President of Funcinpec, Mr. Keo Puth Rasmey has not had the time to check the letter, and he waits until after the 30th.’ He affirmed, ‘Now we are busy going to the local chapters to strengthen the supporters, and we have not had enough time to check the letter.’

“Samdech Krom Preah said, ‘There are those who present themselves as democrats, but they continue to be disruptive, especially their politics of breaking up the unity of democrats, of the monarchists, and of the patriots, making all these movements to become weak. We know those who work to achieve these break-ups.’

“Prince Sisowath Thomico said, ‘The Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party is the youngest party that participated in the 2007 Commune and Subdistrict Elections, and we had a very short time to arrange its candidates. Although we were not as successful as we had expected, we are very proud because we have created the current of national reconciliation and national solidarity under the King’s shade. In 2006, Funcinpec was split into parts and at that time the monarchist forces in the country were almost dissolved; however, we stood up.’

“Mr. May Sam Oeun, the president of a Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party working group, said that for bringing different groups together, he does not know what his position is. However, this is not important for the position in the party, because the important thing is to bring the monarchists together. Prince Thomico said that Samdech Krom Preah will provide the position of vice-president of the Norodom Ranariddh Party to him. However, Prince Thomico did not confirm anything about the positions for his subordinate officials who will join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party.” Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6050, 28.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Monday, 28 May 2008

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1350, 27-28.5.2007

  • Second Cambodian Demining Unit [with 135 deminers] Leaves Cambodia for Sudan
  • National Police General Commission Sets Measures for 76 [subdistrict] Police Stations to Crack Down on Pornographic Video Coffee Shops [Phnom Penh]
  • [18-year-old] Woman Raped and Detained [by married man], but She Does Not Get Legal Help [Mukh Kampoul, Kandal]
  • North Korea Tests Many Missiles

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6050, 28.5.2007

  • People’s Republic of China Increases Tourist Relations with Cambodia
  • Any Policeman Who Fines Drivers without Giving Them Receipts Is to Be Taken to Prison from One Year to Three Years [according to new law]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3169, 28.5.2007

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy [responding to Om Yentieng, adviser to Hun Sen and head of the government’s human rights committee, who had said that there are no human rights violations]: Only the Blind Cannot See Human Rights Violations in Cambodia
  • Prince Ranariddh Says He Will Call on Royal Family Members to Stop Entering Politics, if Powerful People Resign When They Commit Misdeeds

Rasmei Angkor, Vol.14, #1183, 28.5.2007

  • Journalist [Sam Phannarith, Publisher of Snaday Kmeng Wat] Becomes Oknha

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4295, 27-28.5.2007

  • H.E. Bun Rany Hun Sen: Poverty Alleviation Is on a Very Long Way
  • Man Threatens His Mother-In-Law to Provide Him His Wife’s [12-year-old] Sister for Him to Rape Her; He Is Arrested and Jailed [Battambang]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3046, 27-28.5.2007

  • You Hockry Will Take Up Position of Secretary-General of Norodom Ranariddh Party from Tuesday
  • Cambodia Has Not Benefited from Yuon [Vietnam] through Continued Border Demarcations!

Sar Noeung Khmao, Vol.8, #201, 28-29.5.2007

  • Royal Government of Cambodia Reduces Workers’ Wages to Attract Investors

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #411, 27-28.5.2007

  • Hun Sen Hopes that China Will Help Him to Stand as Next Term’s Prime Ministerial Candidate

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