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Thursday, 31.5.2007: Prime Minister Adheres to Tight Position against Amnesty for Samdech Krom Preah

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 510

“The request for amnesty for Samdech Krom Preah Norodom Ranariddh is unlikely to be successful after Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen’s strong reaction on 30 May against a group of people who submitted their thumbprints to the King in order to pave the way for Samdech Krom Preah to return to the country to again enter politics as normal.

“Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen said that if thumbprints can be decisive to give amnesty, courts could be abolished.

“He responded to a message from the King’s message which says that there are thumbprints by Samdech Krom Preah’s supporters, asking the King to grant Samdech Krom Preah amnesty. Samdech Hun Sen said that he replied to the King’s letter that if only thumbprints can be used to ask for an amnesty, others can also find millions of thumbprints to have somebody punished.

“On 12 May, Samdech Krom Preah’s supporters presented a petition with 120,000 thumbprints, asking for amnesty for Samdech Krom Preah Norodom Ranariddh. On the same day, Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen also met with the former King. What made the Prime Minister react strongly is the accusation by Samdech Krom Preah’s supporters, saying that Samdech Hun Sen met with the former King in order to ask him to help protect the prime ministerial position.

“There is also a report which says that officials close to Samdech Krom Preah want pressure from foreign countries to be applied to push Samdech Hun Sen from the prime ministerial position.

“Reacting strongly, Samdech Prime Minster said [to Norodom Ranariddh Party officials], ‘So your boss cannot be free.’

“Mr. Muth Chantha, the spokesperson of Samdech Krom Preah Norodom Ranariddh, said on 30 May that he would not make any comment on Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen’s speech. However, he referred to the content of the Constitution in Article 27 which states that the King has the full right to tolerate punishment or to give amnesty [Article 27: “The King shall have the right to grant partial or complete amnesty.”]. He added, ‘Therefore we believe that the King will use his right.’

“Trying to explain the reasons behind the request for amnesty for Samdech Krom Preah, Mr. Muth Chantha referred to past events when amnesty was granted: for the former Khmer Rouge leaders, for Mr. Sam Rainsy, for Mr. Kem Sokha – they all did not go first to jail for two thirds of their sentences (as stated in the laws).

“Mr. Muth Chantha also rejected a report which states that the group close to Samdech Krom Preah said that Samdech Hun Sen met with Preah Moha Vireak Ksatr [the Great Heroic King, retired King Sihanouk] in order to ask him to help protect the prime ministerial position, and to protect from requests putting up pressure to expel Samdech Hun Sen from the position of Prime Minister. Mr. Muth Chantha said that throughout this month, Samdech Krom Preah, he himself as his spokesperson, and the leadership of the Norodom Ranariddh Party, did not make any such a comment publicly, we just have heard it from one another.’” Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4298, 31.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Thursday, 31 May 2007

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1353, 31.5.2007

  • Cambodia and Switzerland Strengthen Relations through Cambodian King’s Visit
  • [Drunken] Soldier Shoots His Chief to Death, Who Was Director of Stung Chral Military Training School [he is arrested – Phnom Sruoch, Kompong Speu]
  • [South] Korea and Cambodia Sign Agreement to Create Friendship Village in Siem Reap
  • Indonesia Gives Death Penalty to Seven Foreigners [on accusation of producing millions of tablets of Ecstasy drug]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6053, 31.5.2007

  • Mr. Yash Ghai [Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on the Situation of Human Rights in Cambodia] Fails to Meet with Head of Government; Government Official [Hun Sen] Calls Him a Long-Term Tourist
  • Samdech Hun Sen Says Radio Free Asia Reporter [Keo Nimol] Escaped Because He Wants to Live Abroad
  • Europe Is Biggest Development Partner in Cambodia on Education, Health, Good Governance, and Human Rights
  • Cambodia Prepares to Host Inter-Religious Conference Next Year

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3172, 31.5.2007

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy Tells Mr. Yash Ghai to Demand UN Help Organize Khmer Election System Like the One Organized during UNTAC [United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia] Time

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4298, 31.5.2007

  • Prime Minister Adheres to Tight Position against Amnesty for Samdech Krom Preah
  • National and International Lawyers [for Khmer Rouge Tribunal] Will Meet Today to Discuss Internal Rules
  • Ratanakiri Has Failed to Receive TVK [national television] Programs for One Month Due to Electricity Cutoff [because Ratanakiri sub-station owes electricity fee of Riel 12 million = approx. US$3,000]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3049, 31.5.2007

  • Norodom Ranariddh Party Seeks Intervention to Get Amnesty for Samdech Krom Preah through Article 27 of Constitution
  • Nhek Korsal Vithyea [Director of Camintel] Is a Hen That Lays Eggs on Paddy Rice [he is said to be involved in overseas phone gateway fee theft]

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #414, 31.5.2007

  • China Uses Cambodia and Some Other Countries to Sell Its Goods and to Increase Influence
  • Democracy Faces Danger if Hun Sen Is Still Prime Minister
  • Pursat Authority Colludes with Traders Who Cut Trees and Transport Wood [illegally]

Takhmao Thmei, Vol.4, #33, 31.5.2007

  • Chevron Will Start Oil Drilling in Cambodian Sea in 2008

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Wednesday, 30.5.2007: Meeting between Sar Kheng and Sam Rainsy on 1 June Is Likely to Be Good

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 510

“A source from the Cabinet of the Sam Rainsy Party said that Mr. Sam Rainsy, the President of the Sam Rainsy Party, will meet with Mr. Sar Kheng, a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Ministry of Interior, at 3 o’clock on the afternoon of 1 June. According to officials of the Sam Rainsy Party, the meeting is to discuss administrative decentralization: to discuss about the working procedures of the commune and subdistrict councils.

“In the past commune and subdistrict elections, the Sam Rainsy Party got 28 seats for commune and subdistrict chiefs and in addition several hundred seats of council members, so that it comes second after the Cambodian People’s Party [CPP], which got the majority in 1,591 communes and subdistricts.

“During activities of seeking political popularity, Mr. Sam Rainsy once said that the Sam Rainsy Party wants village chiefs at the commune and subdistrict levels to be elected, if the Sam Rainsy Party would win the elections, and Mr. Sam Rainsy has recently announced a plan to provide Riel 100,000 [US$25 – it doesn’t say for which period] to each of the Sam Rainsy Party commune and subdistrict chiefs on which Mr. Sam Rainsy calls to take measures against corruption. Both Mr. Sak Setha, the Director-General of Civil Administration, and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Sar Kheng, reacted to this plan of the Sam Rainsy Party for village chiefs to be elected, by regarding it as an act which contradicts the law.

“Nevertheless officials of the Ministry of Interior once had hinted at receiving the Sam Rainsy Party to discuss about decentralization. Now a plan to meet has been achieved. In March, Mr. Sok An, a Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Council of Ministers, once received Mr. Sam Rainsy. It is not known what the two politicians talked about, it is only known that they discussed about their work. In contrast, the meeting between the opposition leader and the power holders of the Royal Government makes the Norodom Ranariddh Party officials worried, because they are afraid that the Sam Rainsy Party seeks its own benefits.

“Ms. Mu Sochua, the Secretary-General of the Sam Rainsy Party, was once optimistic about the meeting between Mr. Sar Kheng and Mr. Sam Rainsy, hoping that it will help to promote the policy of decentralization. A political observer said that the meeting will benefit the Sam Rainsy Party – it will promote mutual trust (between the CPP and the Sam Rainsy Party) at the local level. As for the ruling party, the meeting between Mr. Sar Kheng and Mr. Sam Rainsy may allow it to talk frankly, in order to encourage the Sam Rainsy Party to respect these laws and not to act in an extremist way, in working in the communes and subdistricts. Considering everything, such a meeting is good.” Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1352, 30.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Wednesday, 30 May 2008

Areyathor, Vol.14, #1239, 30-31.5.2007

  • Angkor Wat Should Have Not Been Classified Like This [by voting on the Internet]

Deum Ampil, Vol.2, #21, 30.5-5.6.2007

  • Supreme Court Holds Hearing of Case between Ms. Ly Sodalis [So Phirin’s jailed wife] and [Siem Reap] Governor Mr. So Phirin This Morning

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1352, 30.5.2007

  • Meeting between Sar Kheng and Sam Rainsy on 1 June Is Likely to Be Good
  • Two Sites Operating Overseas Phone Gateway Theft Raided in Phnom Penh [Daun Penh and Prampir Makara]

Khmer Amatak, Vol.8, #478, 30.5.2007

  • Mr. You Hockry Officially Appointed [as secretary-general of the Norodom Ranariddh Party] and Mr. Chhim Siek Leng also Appointed [as vice-president of the Norodom Ranariddh Party]

Khmer Mekong, Vol.5, #275, 30.5-1.6.2007

  • Yash Ghai [Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on the Situation of Human Rights in Cambodia ] Comes to Cambodia Again to Inspect Human Rights Situation
  • Stung Treng: Khun Sovannara Uses Title as Prime Minister’s Bodyguard to Illegally Transport Wood Insolently

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6052, 30.5.2007

  • Mr. You Hockry [Secretary-General of the Norodom Ranariddh Party] Pushes Samdech Krom Preah to Accept Punishment of 18 Months’ Imprisonment [before seeking a royal pardon]
  • Nanjing in China Establishes Relation with Sihanoukville; Samdech Prime Minister Thanks for Supporting Cambodian Consulate

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3171, 30.5.2007

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy Will Meet Mr. Yash Ghai Today to Discuss Human Rights Issues in Cambodia
  • Opposition Party of Cambodia Announces that It Has Never Recognized the Illegal [Cambodian-Vietnamese border] Treaties of the 1980ies
  • If a Law Is Created or Amended to Allow Foreigners to Own Khmer Land, Cambodia Will Be Dissolved

Rasmei Angkor, Vol.14, #1184, 30.5.2007

  • [Charachak,] Son of Samdech Chakrapong Becomes Gangster and Creates Group of Samurai Gangsters for Robberies

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4297, 30.5.2007

  • Special Representative for Human Rights [Yash Ghai] Faces Refusal to Be Allowed to Meet [Cambodian leaders. – Radio Australia quotes National Assembly President Heng Samrin saying that it is useless to meet Yash Ghai]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3048, 30.5.2007

  • Asian Human Rights Commission Calls for Council of Magistracy and Ministry of Justice to Strengthen Moral for Judges

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #413, 30.5.2007

  • Mu Sochua [Secretary-General of Sam Rainsy Party]: Sam Rainsy Party’s Measures Are to Prevent Corruption

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Tuesday, 29.5.2007: Ruling Party Does Not Consider the Merger of the Ranariddh’s Party and of Thomico’s Party to Be a Threat

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 510

“The spokesperson of the Cambodian People’s Party [CPP] expressed no concern about the merger of the Norodom Ranariddh Party and Prince Sisowath Thomico’s party.

“When he was asked about the merger of the Norodom Ranariddh Party and the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party of Prince Thomico, Mr. Khieu Kanharith told Rasmei Kampuchea, ‘Prince Thomico’s party did not win even one seat in the [commune] elections. Therefore, we have no worry. This issue is not a problem. However, he said, ‘The CPP wants to have a strong competitor. If its competitor is weak, it will make the CPP insensitive.’

“The Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party merged with the Norodom Ranariddh Party on Sunday 27 May, in order, as Prince Thomico said, to compete with the ruling CPP. During the congress on Sunday, Prince Thomico also expressed his wish that the Sam Rainsy Party and the Human Rights Party of Mr. Kem Sokha should enter into an alliance with the Norodom Ranariddh Party, in order to compete with the CPP in the 2008 Parliamentary Election.

“Although the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party merged with the Norodom Ranariddh Party, the Prince’s party does not dissolve itself.

“Prince Sisowath Thomico, the head of leadership of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party, said that he will not dissolve the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party, ‘We will keep it as an image to prepare for the future, although there is a merge of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party and the Norodom Ranariddh Party.

“He stated that the Norodom Ranariddh Party was created by an amendment of the Khmer Front Party; if the Khmer Front Party of Mr. Sut Dina would have dissolved itself after the merger with the Sangkum Jati Niyum Party, Samdech Krom Preah [Norodom Ranariddh] would not have had a party. Therefore, we cannot dissolve the party, because we cannot trust the current leaders of the nation.

“Prince Thomico continued that about 1,000 members of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party that merged with the Norodom Ranariddh Party, and because of the merger, Samdech Krom Preah will provide the position of vice-president of the Norodom Ranariddh Party to him; however, Prince Thomico did not state anything about the positions of his subordinate officials after the merger. Concerning the movement of bringing all democrats together, Prince Thomico said that according to his own opinion, working groups should be created between the Norodom Ranariddh Party and other parties, to organize the legal procedures for further mergers. He also stated that to bring the democrats and the monarchists together is to be successful in competing for power from the current ruling party in 2008. In the congress, a video of Samdech Krom Preah expressing the supports for the merger of the two parties was also played; Prince Ranariddh also appealed to the members of Funcinpec to join with his party, to compete in the 2008 general elections.

“As for Funcinpec, it issued a statement on 28 May saying, ‘Any attempt of wanting Funcinpec to dissolve itself and to join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party is just a dream.’” Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4296, 29.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Tuesday, 29 May 2008

Chakraval, Vol.15, #2684, 29.5.2007

  • Pursat: Forest Crimes Seriously Exist in Krakor District
  • Poipet Commune Leader [San Sean Ho] Asks Government to Help Provide 50+50 Co-Funding to Construct Roads [Banteay Meanchey]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1351, 29.5.2007

  • Samdech Krom Preah Asks [Funcinpec] for Removal of His Title as Historical Guide Immediately
  • Samdech Hun Sen Will Make Official Visit to Japan in Mid June
  • Open Forum of Cambodia Gives Training to Students to Create Personal Web Site
  • US Soldiers Free 42 Iraqi Hostages [held by al-Qaeda members]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6051, 29.5.2007

  • Intensive Discussion on Judicial Code of Ethics Article 113 over the Searching of Private Homes

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3170, 29.5.2007

  • Cambodian People’s Party Seeks for New Partner after 2008 Election
  • [Sam Rainsy Party and Funcinpec] Parliamentarians Strongly Oppose the Content [of the Judicial Code of Ethics] Which States that Searching of a Home Is to Be Conducted without the Resident’s Presence
  • Mr. Sam Rainsy: Members of Norodom Ranariddh Party and Funcinpec Join Sam Rainsy Party Every Day
  • Soldiers in Thai Uniforms [special Thai border protection unit] Insolently Build a Construction on Prohibited Area in Chh’ae Aeut Village [Anlong Veng, Oddar Meanchey]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4296, 29.5.2007

  • Ruling Party Does Not Consider Merger of the Ranariddh’s Party and of Thomico’s Party to Be a Threat
  • Vietnam Stops Allowing Transportation of Sand from Cambodia to Singapore [reason not known]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3047, 29.5.2007

  • Samdech Krom Preah Will Stop Entering Politics if the Monarchy Is Not Violated by Any Powerful Person

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #412, 29.5.2007

  • Hun Sen Keeps Quiet over Criticism [of human rights violations in Cambodia] by International Human Rights Organization [Transparency International]

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Monday, 28.5.2007: Krom Preah Shows Himself Through Video

Posted on 29 May 2007. Filed under: Week 510 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 510


“Phnom Penh: Prince Sisowath Thomico, the head of the representation of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party, said on 27 May that his party has dissolved itself in order to join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party in a process of reconciliation of monarchists and other patriots, in order to bring together the democratic forces to participate together in the 2008 general elections. Prince Thomico said so in the congress held to merge his Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party and the Norodom Ranariddh Party on the morning of 27 May in Boeng Kak Pir Subdistrict, Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, although some members did not completely support this congress.

“On the morning of 27 May approximately 400 members of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party from 11 provinces and towns [names not mentioned] throughout the country participated in the extraordinary congress for merging the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party and the Norodom Ranariddh Party. During the congress, Samdech Krom Preah’s pre-recorded speech was also played to all members attending. In the speech which was played, Samdech Krom Preah appealed also to Funcinpec members to join with him, and he applauded all members of the Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party who decided to join with him.

“Ms. Chea Sok, aged 49 from Chamkar Leu District, Kompong Cham, who attended the congress, said that she does not oppose the merger at all. She continued, ‘I completely agree on everything, I go with the leadership of Samdech Thomico.’ However, Mr. Ma Chim from Koh Andaet Commune, Koh Andaet District, Takeo, said that he has not yet decided to go with Prince Thomico in joining with the Norodom Ranariddh Party, because he does not yet know well about the new policy and structure. He affirmed, ‘I attend and listen to the congress, but I do not known the content, because Samdech Krom Preah is abroad and we want to see him directly.’

“In the recorded speech, Samdech Krom Preah said that he applauds the appropriate decision to join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party. Samdech Krom Preah continued, ‘I would also like to appeal to the members and the leaders of Funcinpec which I used to lead, and which used to be the real monarchist party, faithful to the nation. I had success in the 1993 general election, and now I would like to appeal to the Funcinpec members to join and help, as the core of the Norodom Ranariddh Party coming out of Funcinpec.’

“Mr. Nov Sovatharo, the Funcinpec spokesperson, said, ‘Funcinpec is not surprised about anything, and we have already known those who want to join with Samdech Krom Preah, but we have not taken any action, letting them reconsider before they make up their decision.’ He continued, ‘Some used to be disappointed with Samdech Krom Preah such as Mr. Nhek Bun Chhay and Mr. Lu Laysreng.’ He went on to say, ‘As for the decision of Funcinpec to delete Prince Ranariddh’s title and make him the historical guide, in Funcinpec there is not only Samdech Krom Preah, many other people can also be called historical guides.’

“Mr. Nov Sovatharo continued, ‘Concerning what Samdech Krom Preah said, that he wrote to Mr. Keo Puth Rasmey, the President of Funcinpec, Mr. Keo Puth Rasmey has not had the time to check the letter, and he waits until after the 30th.’ He affirmed, ‘Now we are busy going to the local chapters to strengthen the supporters, and we have not had enough time to check the letter.’

“Samdech Krom Preah said, ‘There are those who present themselves as democrats, but they continue to be disruptive, especially their politics of breaking up the unity of democrats, of the monarchists, and of the patriots, making all these movements to become weak. We know those who work to achieve these break-ups.’

“Prince Sisowath Thomico said, ‘The Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party is the youngest party that participated in the 2007 Commune and Subdistrict Elections, and we had a very short time to arrange its candidates. Although we were not as successful as we had expected, we are very proud because we have created the current of national reconciliation and national solidarity under the King’s shade. In 2006, Funcinpec was split into parts and at that time the monarchist forces in the country were almost dissolved; however, we stood up.’

“Mr. May Sam Oeun, the president of a Sangkum Jati Niyum Front Party working group, said that for bringing different groups together, he does not know what his position is. However, this is not important for the position in the party, because the important thing is to bring the monarchists together. Prince Thomico said that Samdech Krom Preah will provide the position of vice-president of the Norodom Ranariddh Party to him. However, Prince Thomico did not confirm anything about the positions for his subordinate officials who will join with the Norodom Ranariddh Party.” Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6050, 28.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Monday, 28 May 2008

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1350, 27-28.5.2007

  • Second Cambodian Demining Unit [with 135 deminers] Leaves Cambodia for Sudan
  • National Police General Commission Sets Measures for 76 [subdistrict] Police Stations to Crack Down on Pornographic Video Coffee Shops [Phnom Penh]
  • [18-year-old] Woman Raped and Detained [by married man], but She Does Not Get Legal Help [Mukh Kampoul, Kandal]
  • North Korea Tests Many Missiles

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6050, 28.5.2007

  • People’s Republic of China Increases Tourist Relations with Cambodia
  • Any Policeman Who Fines Drivers without Giving Them Receipts Is to Be Taken to Prison from One Year to Three Years [according to new law]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3169, 28.5.2007

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy [responding to Om Yentieng, adviser to Hun Sen and head of the government’s human rights committee, who had said that there are no human rights violations]: Only the Blind Cannot See Human Rights Violations in Cambodia
  • Prince Ranariddh Says He Will Call on Royal Family Members to Stop Entering Politics, if Powerful People Resign When They Commit Misdeeds

Rasmei Angkor, Vol.14, #1183, 28.5.2007

  • Journalist [Sam Phannarith, Publisher of Snaday Kmeng Wat] Becomes Oknha

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4295, 27-28.5.2007

  • H.E. Bun Rany Hun Sen: Poverty Alleviation Is on a Very Long Way
  • Man Threatens His Mother-In-Law to Provide Him His Wife’s [12-year-old] Sister for Him to Rape Her; He Is Arrested and Jailed [Battambang]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3046, 27-28.5.2007

  • You Hockry Will Take Up Position of Secretary-General of Norodom Ranariddh Party from Tuesday
  • Cambodia Has Not Benefited from Yuon [Vietnam] through Continued Border Demarcations!

Sar Noeung Khmao, Vol.8, #201, 28-29.5.2007

  • Royal Government of Cambodia Reduces Workers’ Wages to Attract Investors

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #411, 27-28.5.2007

  • Hun Sen Hopes that China Will Help Him to Stand as Next Term’s Prime Ministerial Candidate

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Sunday,2007-05-27: The Use of Force, the Law, and the State

Posted on 29 May 2007. Filed under: *Editorial*, Week 509 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 509

During the past week, we mirrored a case where a higher ranking military person had a conflict with a traffic policeman – after the police had tried to stop the officer’s car because he had violated some traffic rules. Though this is just one isolated incident, similar conflicts seem to happen frequently. Earlier this month, we mirrored also a story that children of high ranking persons started a gunfight opposite the Spark Entertainment Center near the Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh. There were repeatedly cases where young people acted with an attitude of Don’t-you-know-who-my-father-is? Some of them had been repeatedly admonished, their parents had promised to the authorities to give them proper guidance, but with no results – they continued to commit similar violent acts again – and there were cases reported of release without paying bail, and no normal punishment applied.

Such acts have a deeper meaning beyond the actual violation of the law. Combined with reports like the following – “The More Weapons Destroyed the More Illegal Use of Guns Exists Mostly by High Ranking Officials’ Bodyguards” – “Court Officials’ Corruption Causes More Impunity” – they point to a fundamental crisis of the state.

There is not much public debate in present Cambodia about the nature of the state – apart from the fact that it is to live in implementing the Constitution.

In general terms, one of the essential elements of a state, as this terms has developed over the centuries in many parts of the world, is that the state is the only organ which has a legitimate claim on the use of physical force, based on the law. Where different persons or groups of persons regularly claim to have the right to exercise physical force – like it happens in some parts of Afghanistan or of Somalia – the international community describes these situations as either under the rule of “war lords” or as “rogue states” – as areas where the normal way of life in a civilized society is not guaranteed.

The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) has developed this concept of the monopoly of the state to exercise force, with the following argumentation:

Natural passions of people may “carry us to partiality, pride, revenge, and the like.”- In order to have “justice, equity, modesty, mercy, and, in sum, doing to others as we would be done to,” it is necessary for a society to have the power to enfor ce the law and if also to punish by force, installed according to the law. That is what the institution of a state is for, and what it is.

But what future will a society have, when – instead of the legitimate exercise of controlling power by the state, a newspaper presents now their analysis: “The More Weapons Destroyed, the More Illegal Use of Guns Exists, Mostly by High Ranking Officials’ Bodyguards.”

In our neighboring country of Thailand there is a present a deep fear that the power of the state according to the law may be derailed. – Thailand is at present under military rule, after the last elections had brought an overwhelming victory for the Thai Rak Thai Party – and the accusation of violations of the electoral law. On 30 May now, the Constitutional Tribunal of Thailand will make its decisions about five political parties public, among them the Thai Rak Thai Party and the Democrat Party. According to the law, the Constitutional Council may order the dissolution of those parties which have committed electoral irregularities. While the top leadership of the two major parties finally declared that they will respect whatever decision will be announced, there were also moves by some sectors of the majority party to try to influence the Constitutional Tribunal – by a huge demonstration around the building where the Constitutional Council meets and other activities.

In a most surprising way, the King addressed the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, transmitted live on television, where he appealed, on last Thursday, 24 May 2007:

“In the next few days, we will all be very busy. You must be well prepared and be ready to make some comments, not as judges but as private persons or as experts. This is in order to prevent the country from sinking like it almost did on previous occasions, to prevent someone from saying later that we sank because we did nothing, or did not try to to do anything. We almost sank and are close to sinking now. Therefore, you have the responsibility to prevent the country from sinking further or deteriorating, by imparting more knowledge to those people who are educated, and to the general public who may be uninformed so that they do not know which way the country should go… In performing your duty, be mindful of your safety and be straightforward in what you do. I believe you are all determined to work for the sake of the country. I wish you all the enjoyment of good health and courage to carry out your tasks.”

The deep concern of the Thai King relates to the fact that “the general public who may be uninformed” that nobody is above the law, whatever popular and powerful they may be. Therefore, the judges will need courage to uphold the law.

To uphold the law requires courage of the judges, as the the former government gave the impression to many that it is – in its popularity and in its power – above the law.

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Saturday, 26.5.2007: League of Civil Society Organizations Requests Increase of Parliamentary Seats

Posted on 27 May 2007. Filed under: Week 509 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 509

“The League of Civil Society Organizations regrets that most members of the committee responsible for deciding on the number of seats decided not request an increase in the number of parliamentary seats to the Royal Government. However, the League of Civil Society Organizations insists on requesting the leaders of the Royal Government and the National Assembly to check the possibility to increase the number of parliamentary seats for Term 4 (2008 to 2013 [of the National Assembly from 123]) to 130. Based on the increase of the population, the social geography, and the economy of some population centers, the number of parliamentary seats should be increased at least by seven additional seats, each one for Battambang, Kompong Speu, Koh Kong, Oddar Meanchey, Preah Vihear, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville.

“The request mentioned above responds to the following reasons:

“1. To increase the representation of the parliamentarians in response to the population appropriately and legally.

“The population increased by approximately 2 million – i.e. from more than 12 million in 2003 to approximately 14.5 million in 2008. It should be noticed that the National Assembly has increased the number of seats from one term to another, and the increase is in harmony with Article 7 of the parliamentary election law, which states: ‘Every third year of a National Assembly term, the Council of Ministers must set up a commission to decide on the number of parliamentary seats, in order to adjust the number of seats and the allocation of seats to provinces and towns.’ In fact, the number of parliamentarians who play a role as parliamentarians properly is about 112 only, because at least 11 parliamentarians are members of the Royal Government, so they are very busy with the Royal Government’s work, and they seldom play a role as parliamentarians properly. There should be an amendment of the Constitution to regulate the relation more clearly between the members of the legislative body and the members of the executive body.

“2. To increase the number of parliamentarians, so that the parliamentarians can appropriately visit and help solve the problems of the people and the centers [of the towns or provinces where they were elected.

“The reports from public forums of some non-government organizations and reports of the Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia [COMFREL] about the National Assembly, find that the people in each population center [the provinces or towns] really need many parliamentarians to help protect the people’s interests and welfare. Though many parliamentarians visit and help solve the problems of the people in their centers actively, the number of parliamentarians is still not sufficient for the big range of people’s needs, especially in remote areas, where parliamentarians are needed to help solve the problems of the people.

“3. To make a balance between the number of members of the National Assembly committees, and the number of members of the institutions of the Royal Government, in order to inspect the implementation of work of the ministries and other state institutions.

“The current number of parliamentarians is not sufficient for the scope of work of the committees. From Term 1 up to now, the Royal Government has created many ministries and committees, and the number of members of the Royal Government has doubled compared to of what it was before.

“4. To strengthen the inspection of income and expenses of the national budget.

“Raising the issue of funding is not an appropriate reason to oppose the increase of the number of parliamentarians, because spending additional funds for the people’s benefits should be a priority to be considered, and the increase of the number of parliamentarians by at least seven persons does not cause much increase in the spendings from the national budget, compared to the increase of the national budget each year. In addition, the Royal Government has recently expressed satisfaction about the general economic growth, and declared to also increase the salaries for the armed forces by 20% next year. Therefore, the increase of the number of seats will not cause any negative impact to the economy and the national budget, based on the Cambodian economic growth at the present time, and the vow of the Royal Government to increase the income for the national budget, as well as taking action against corruption, and to increase the collection of funds from potential natural resources.

“Thus, in view of the reasons stated above, the League of Civil Society Organizations still insists on its request to the Royal Government to check the possibility to increase the number of parliamentary seats for Term 4 and for the following terms.” Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3045, 26.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Saturday, 26 May 2007

Chakraval, Vol.15, #2683, 26.5.2007

  • Phnom Penh Residents Want Government to Close Slot Gambling Machines

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1349, 26.5.2007

  • Officials of Ministry of Public Works and Transport Criticize Bus Drivers [because some drivers transport wood and wildlife illegally]

Khmer Amatak, Vol.8, #477, 26.5.2007

  • Chief Trader Yeay Phou [Chheung Sopheap, Director of Pheapimex] Conducts Gold Mining Illegally at Phnom Chi, Kompong Thom
  • International Human Rights Organization [based in Hong Kong – name not mentioned] Calls for Release of Duch [chief of Tuol Sleng Prison]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6049, 26-27.5.2007

  • Plan to Discuss Draft Anti-Terrorist Law in June
  • Young Woman Bitten by Snake, Dies Two Days before Her Scheduled Marriage Day; Her Fiancé Asks for Living in Her Room with Her Remains for One Year [Baribour, Kompong Chhnang]
  • Prince [Azim] of Brunei Gives Michael Jackson $10 Million for Attending His Birthday Ceremony
  • Russian Pickpocket Snatched [former Thai Prime Minister] Mr. Thaksin’s Wallet While He Visited Moscow [on 24 May]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3168, 26-27.5.2007

  • Prince Ranariddh Gives One-Month Deadline for Funcinpec to Remove His Title as Historical Guide
  • Prime Minister Warns about Chaktomuk River Water Level [that it may go up to 10.45 m – then Phnom Penh would be flooded]
  • Court Officials’ Corruption Causes More Impunity
  • The More Weapons Destroyed the More Illegal Use of Guns Exists Mostly by High Ranking Officials’ Bodyguards

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4294, 26.5.2007

  • French Ambassador Is Concerned that [three year’s] Time for Khmer Rouge Tribunal May Not Be Enough
  • Government Considers Issuing of Land Titles to Foreigners

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3045, 26.5.2007

  • League of Civil Society Organizations Requests Increase of Parliamentary Seats

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #410, 26.5.2007

  • Prince Ranariddh and Sou Phirin [Siem Reap Governor] Are Better Than Other Excellencies and Samdechs of Teenage Attitudes [whose mistresses were killed or wounded by shooting or attacked by acid, but Ranariddh just divorces his wife and Sou Phirin jails his wife]

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Friday, 25.5.2007: Amnesty International Reveals Four Scandals in Cambodia

Posted on 27 May 2007. Filed under: Week 509 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 509

Amnesty International released its annual report, also raising four main weak points in Cambodia. The report shows human rights violations in many countries in the world, including Cambodia.

“The report particularly focuses on four negative points in Cambodia: land disputes; the expulsion of people from their houses moving them to live on the outskirts of the city; law enforcement and torture by cross-examining; and disrespecting press freedom.

“Concerning the legal system, Amnesty International wrote in its report that the status of proclaimed judicial reforms is not clear. Some laws, which were adopted by the National Assembly, have not been regarded so they cannot serve the nation’s benefits.

“Amnesty International wrote that the anti-corruption law, that the Cambodian Government promised to donor countries to be created, has not been adopted either. In contrast, the government created an anti-corruption body which is under the control of powerful officials at the Council of Ministers.

“Amnesty International wants to see the Khmer court system to be independent from powerful people, and it wants journalists to have freedom of expression when working in their profession. The report also raises the stand-still of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, as meetings have been paralyzed in Cambodia, and the authorities tightened up after the anti-Thai riots in January 2003.

“Amnesty International wrote that Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government used problematic laws to threaten journalists. The report was released after the head of the Khmer government had threatened Mr. Keo Nimol, a Radio Free Asia reporter, on 17 May 2007.

“In the past, government officials have reacted against the reports of Amnesty International and of human rights organizations. However, officials of the Sam Rainsy Party and of non-government organizations said that the annual reports of Amnesty International are true.

Mr. Chea Sochenda, a Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian from Kandal, affirmed that the report is really right, but the government does not have the will to correct the negative points raised by Amnesty International. Mr. Sochenda continued that the government did not take measures to prevent the land disputes caused by powerful and rich people who grab people’s land, it does not intend to conduct court reform, nor pushing the anti-corruption law to be adopted, and it does not provide the right to journalists to express opinions as is their profession.

“The opposition parliamentarian stated that to correct the negative points raised by Amnesty International, the only way is a change of leadership.” Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #409, 25.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Friday, 25 May 2007

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1348, 25.5.2007

  • Cambodia Has More Than Three Million Mines Remaining in the Ground [according to Khem Sophorn, Director of CMAC]
  • A Colonel, Who Is a Trainer at the Kamboul Military Training Center, Had a Conflict with a Traffic Policeman; Both of Them Are Wounded [in fighting, they beat each other with guns and batons after the police tried to stop the colonel’s car because he had broken the traffic law – Phnom Penh]
  • 2,428 Guns Destroyed and Burned in Kompong Thom
  • Economic Police Set Up Checkpoints on All Roads in Oddar Meanchey for Money Extortion

Khmer Mekong, Vol.5, #274, 25-26.5.2007

  • ACLEDA Bank Has Developed Itself from a Capital of $4 Million to $293 Million for 14 Years

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6048, 25.5.2007

  • Cambodia Prepares to Host ASEAN Football Match of Under 17 Years Olds

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3167, 25.5.2007

  • [Vice-President of Sam Rainsy Party] Mr. Kong Korm Demands the Khmer Rouge Tribunal to Punish the Responsibles at the Area and Regional Levels of the Genocide Regime
  • Hun Neng, Kompong Cham Governor [Prime Minister Hun Sen’s brother] Only Looks at Yuon [Vietnamese] Soldiers Harming Khmers at Border Every Day
  • Specialist [Michael Smith, Technical Director at Energyfiles] Says Cambodia May Get Income from Underground Oil of 750 Billion Barrels and 300 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4293, 25.5.2007

  • Sangkum Jati Niyum to Hold Congress to Join with Norodom Ranariddh Party
  • Wife of Heng Pov [former Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner who is in jail] Leaves Singapore for Finland [after Phnom Penh Municipal Court has issued an arrest warrant for her to question her about counterfeit dollars]
  • Samdech Chea Sim Asks France to Provide More Aid to Cambodian Legislative Body
  • National Assembly Starts Discussion on Adoption of Draft Criminal Code

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3044, 25.5.2007

  • Sam Rainsy Party Officials Compete with Each Other to Organize Partisans at Local Levels

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #409, 25.5.2007

  • Amnesty International Reveals Four Scandals in Cambodia

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Thursday, 24.5.2007: Keo Nimol Hides Himself after Hun Sen’s Threat

Posted on 25 May 2007. Filed under: Week 509 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 509

Radio Free Asia [RFA] reporter Mr. Keo Nimol has hidden himself after he was strongly threatened by Prime Minister Hun Sen last week about his question relating to the alliance between the Cambodian People’s Party [CPP] and Funcinpec. After Prime Minister Hun Sen’s strong threat against RFA and its reporter has hidden himself, the International Federation of Journalists issued a press release showing surprise about the threatening act of the Prime Minister who used the words ‘insolent’ and ‘rude’ towards the institution and towards the reporter, who just asked him a simple question as a journalist.

“The press release of the International Federation of Journalists issued on 21 May 2007 is entitled ‘Journalist Flees in Fear After Being Targeted for Abuse by Cambodian PM.’ The press release shows shock and outrage after the Cambodian Prime Minister publicly criticized a reporter of being insolent and rude for his question.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen pointed his finger straight at RFA reporter Mr. Keo Nimol’s face on Thursday 17 May, after Mr. Keo Nimol had asked him about the future of the alliance between the CPP and Funcinpec.

“Mr. Hun Sen shouted loudly that he was saying so for all the Cambodian radio and television stations to broadcast it, that not only the RFA is an insolent institution, but also that their reporter asked a question rudely. Hun Sen gesticulated with a pale face, pointing his finger straight at Mr. Keo Nimol’s face, in front of many journalists outside the National Assembly, after getting out from a session to remove Mr. Lay Prohas from the position of Minister of Tourism, from the Funcinpec quota, and replacing him by Mr. Thong Khon from the CPP quota.

“Mr. Christopher Warren, the President of the International Federation of Journalists, expressed his surprise at the Khmer Prime Minster, who confronted a journalist in a personal way, and with anger, after he had just asked a question.

“Mr. Warren said that it is not acceptable that the Prime Minister has so publicly shown such contempt and disrespect for a journalist and the role of the media in a democratic society. He went on by asking the Prime Minister to clarify publicly and to explain the Cambodian Government’s commitment to the democratic process and the role of the media in this process.

“Mr. Keo Nimol has hidden himself for fear for his safety. After the Prime Minister had angrily attacked and insulted Mr. Keo Nimol and RFA for being rude and insolent, different reports say that Mr. Hun Sen even asked another journalist for Mr. Nimol’s full name , his biography, and his political tendencies.

“Mr. Warren said that Prime Minster Hun Sen’s threat is like to use Mr. Keo Nimol as an example to threaten other journalists, before the process towards the 2008 National Elections starts.

“Mr. Warren said that the Prime Minister destroys the principles of democracy, by discrediting and silencing any journalist who asks him about his arrangements of organizing power. As the protector of freedom of expression and as a protector of journalists, so that they have safety in Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen must stop such acts of intimidation, or he will face the disapproval by the international community.

“The International Federation of Journalists has more that 500,000 members in more than 115 countries in the world.

“It is the first time in 2007 that Prime Minister Hun Sen publicly threatened journalists. Last year, besides arresting and imprisoning journalists and human rights activists, he also threatened to continue arresting many border activists and civil society organization officials to be jailed. Moreover, an anonymous person, who was suspected to be Mr. Hun Sen’s nephew, threatened the Sralanh Khmer publisher Mr. You Saravuth, by sending him a fax with a picture of scull and crossed bones. Mr. You Saravuth escaped abroad for already nearly one year, until he sought asylum in Norway on 23 March 2007.” Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #408, 24.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Thursday, 24 May 2007

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1347, 24.5.2007

  • 30 Important Government Officials [including Yuth Phouthang, Koh Kong Governor] Will Become Monks to Dedicate to Prayer [for seven days] in Koh Kong
  • Cambodia and Myanmar Agree on Direct Flights from Bagan to Siem Reap
  • Australian Warship Moors at Sihanoukville International Port
  • Much Illegal Fishing Exists in Tonle Sap Lake [Siem Reap]

Mohaboros Khmer, Vol.8, #81, 23.5.2007

  • People in Kompong Speu Ask Phnom Penh Municipal Court to Take Action on Their Complaint against QuestNet [an interactive marketing company based in Hong Kong – on accusation of deceiving them]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3166, 24.5.2007

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy: Victims [of violence – singers and actresses] Never Receive Justice
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Orders Suspension of Construction of Naga Casino Building [because the construction does not correspond to technical standards]
  • Kampuchea Krom Community Accuses Hanoi of Violating Rights of Buddhist Faithful
  • State Rubber Plantation Will Be Leased to Private Company; It Is Like to Sell It [Kompong Cham]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4292, 24.5.2007

  • Cambodian Government Official [Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Namhong] Hopes Myanmar Will Achieve Democratic Regime
  • Ministry of Interior Creates Department of Finance and Supplies

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3043, 24.5.2007

  • Yuon [Vietnam] Unsuccessful in Preventing Delegation of Khmer Kampuchea Krom Community from Attending UN Conference
  • Legal Wife of Siem Reap Governor [Sou Phirin] Writes from Prison Demanding Justice [she is accused by Sou Phirin of taking $1.6 million from selling a house]

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #408, 24.5.2007

  • Keo Nimol Hides Himself after Hun Sen’s Threat
  • Sam Rainsy Seeks Aid to Help 28 Communes and Subdistricts Governed by Sam Rainsy Party

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Wednesday, 23.5.2007: Angkor Wat Does Not Get as Many Votes as the Eiffel Tower!

Posted on 24 May 2007. Filed under: Week 509 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 509


“It is strange that the famous Khmer Angkor Wat did not get enough votes to become one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, not even as many as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, according to the results of voting via the Internet, up to 7 May.

“Angkor Wat has just got a similar number of votes as the number of votes for the Statute of Liberty in New York and as the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.

“The organizers of the vote said on Monday that more than 45 million people have voted via the Internet to select the New Seven Wonders of the World, out of 21 selected buildings or historic monuments.

“The competition, which focused on the promotion of global knowledge about the common world cultural heritage was created by a Swiss film maker, a conservator, and a tourist, whose name is Bernard Weber, after the destruction of the huge Buddha Statutes of Afghanistan in Bamiyan by the Taliban group in 2001.

“The count of the most recent votes which were published on 7 May shows that the top ten classified items are the Acropolis in Greece, Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu in Peru, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, Stonehenge of Great Britain, and the Muslim mosque [actually: Emperor Shah Jahan had it built as a mausoleum for his favorite wife] Taj Mahal in India.

“The New Seven Wonders spokesperson Ms. Tia Viering said, ‘This is supposed to create a memorial of the world, for the first time as a symbol of seven world units, the symbols of seven world inheritances.’

“She told Agence France Presse, ‘If you understand other people’s culture, war will not easily occur against them.’ She said that the voting was conducted from all over the world.

“She added, ‘We have received some convincing messages of welcome from different places, even where the people had never voted or decided anything by themselves.’

“The competition will end on 7 July, when the results will be officially announced in Lisbon, Portugal.

“According to Ms. Tia Viering, most votes through the Internet and also by hand phone messages have not been along nationalistic lines.

“The Pyramid of Egypt is given a title as an ‘honorary’ candidate of the Seven Wonders web site; it was deleted from the voting list after Egyptian authorities had protested, saying that the historic value the the pyramids as a world wonder cannot be expressed in such a way.

“An Egyptian specialist on ancient artifacts, Mr. Zahi Havas, said, ‘I am completely opposed to this handling of things. I can neither recognize any Greek historian who selected seven ancient wonders, nor allow a tourist company to select new seven wonders, some of them also ancient.’

“However, Ms. Tia Viering defended the popular voting.

“The other sites which were selected and up for voting were Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Alhambra Monument in Spain, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the Kiyomizu Temple in Japan, the Kremlin and the Red Square in Moscow, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Southern Germany, the Statue of Liberty in New York, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, and Timbuktu in Mali.

“The voting had also the purpose to collect funds for the reconstruction of the 55 m high Buddha statues of in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, which will cost up to $50 million.

“However, the income achieved is very little, which forced the organizers of the voting to focus rather on the conservation of some of the 21 sites instead of donating the money for Bamiyan, as the money is by far to little, so they rather give it to some other places for some smaller repairs.

“Mr. Michael Trane, a specialist of culture and history, said on 22 May that he did not observe the competition. However, he expressed his own opinion, ‘We should not arrange a competition with classifications – ‘First, second, and third,…’ – because every country has different wonders, people love and appreciate their own wonders. Cambodian people are the same, but our citizens do not put so much value on their wonders, moreover, the number of our citizens of Cambodia who know Angkor Wat is small. Some people who are very old have never been to Angkor Wat, so how can they know the value and the ancestors’ achievements? Most of those who know the value of Angkor Wat are well-educated intellectuals.’

“The specialist continued, ‘Angkor Wat is recognized by some people nearly all over the world, that it is wonderful and beautiful; however, will they give their vote for us, or don’t they not love their own countries too? They will vote for their countries, and more people of other countries use the Internet. Thus such a competition is impossible.’

“He stressed, ‘The wonders of each country have nothing which can be easily compared with each other, they have different attractions, so we cannot evaluate which wonders are first or second. We can say that the wonders are recognized and famous, for example, we can say that Angkor Wat is recognized and famous worldwide.’” Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4291, 23.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Deum Ampil, Vol.2, #20, 23-29.5.2007

  • ACLEDA Bank Inaugurates Headquarters Worth US$6 Million, Announcing the Use of ATM Machines

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1346, 23.5.2007

  • Norodom Ranariddh Party Denies Plan to Bring Samdech Krom Preah to Be President of Funcinpec Again
  • Cambodia Gets B-Plus Classification for National Economic Growth [from Standard & Poor’s credit rating]
  • Cambodia Leads [in ASEAN] in Implementation of Small Scale Weapons Management
  • Forest Crimes Still Persists in Kulen, Preah Vihear
  • Smuggled Gasoline Illegally Transported in Svay Rieng

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6046, 23.5.2007

  • Mr. Sar Kheng Calls for ASEAN to Create Machinery for Small Scale Weapons Management
  • Cambodian and Singaporean Doctors Meet to Discuss Liver Diseases

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3165, 23.5.2007

  • Tioulong Saumura [Sam Rainsy Party Parliamentarian from Phnom Penh]: Casinos in Cambodia Are Very Easy Places for Money Laundering

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4291, 23.5.2007

  • Angkor Wat Does Not Get as Many Votes as the Eiffel Tower!
  • Microsoft Signs Agreement with Vietnam [on legal use of software in attempt to prevent copyright violations]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3042, 23.5.2007

  • Documentation Center of Cambodia Distributes History Books about Khmer Rouge Regime to More Than 200 High Schools Countrywide

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #407, 23.5.2007

  • Sam Rainsy Supports Khmer Krom to Have Rights Like Khmer Citizens Do; Cheam Yeap [Cambodian People’s Party Parliamentarian from Prey Veng] Says Khmer Krom Have Also Khmer Blood
  • Son [of a military general – name not mentioned] Enters Russey Keo High School and Robs a Student Then Runs into a Military Base [Phnom Penh]
  • Rong Chhun [president Confederation of Cambodian Trade Unions] Urges Heng Samrin to Give Title of “Hero of Trade Unions of Khmer Workers” to Shot Mr. Chea Vichea [head of Trade Union of Workers of the Kingdom of Cambodia]

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Tuesday, 22.5.2007: Samdech Prime Minister Will Push Implementation of the Existing Agreements with the Union of Myanmar

Posted on 23 May 2007. Filed under: Week 509 |

The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 509

“Phnom Penh: Officials affirmed that an official visit of Samdech Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia to the Union of Myanmar is to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation, and to discuss regional issues. Samdech Hun Sen will push the implementation of the existing agreements between the two countries.

“Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen led a senior delegation of Cambodia in an official visit to the Union of Myanmar on the morning of 21 May 2007 at the invitation of General Thein Sein, the Acting Prime Minister and First Secretary of the State Peace and Development Council of the Union of Myanmar.

“He was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Senior Minister Cham Prasidh, the Minister of Commerce, Mr. Thong Khon, the Minister of Tourism, advisers, assistants, and many other government officials.

“Mr. Sri Thamrong, an adviser to Samdech Hun Sen, told journalists at Phnom Penh International Airport that the main purpose of the visit is to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. He continued that so far Cambodia and Myanmar have had some agreements which have not been implemented, such as an agreement on civil aviation and an agreement on tourism.

“Mr. Sri Thamrong expressed the belief that Samdech Hun Sen will encourage direct flights from Myanmar to Cambodia, to Phnom Penh or to Siem Reap. The adviser stated that such agreements have existed for a long time; therefore, it is time to start, because Myanmar has direct flights to Thailand and to Vietnam.

“Mr. Sri Thamrong went on to say that there would not be any signing ceremonies, but the Royal Government of Cambodia may push for the implementation of the existing agreements between the two countries through Samdech Hun Sen’s visit – including an encouragement to organize package tours between Cambodia and Myanmar.

“Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen and the delegation will be officially greeted by Mr. Thein Sein, the Burmese Acting Prime Minister in the new capital city of Burma – Nay Pyi Taw. On the afternoon of 21 May, a talk was scheduled between the prime ministers of the two countries, and then a dinner party.

“On 22 May, Prime Minter Samdech Hun Sen will meet General Than Swe, the President of the State Peace and Development Council of the Union of Myanmar. Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen will return to the country at 10 a.m. on 23 May 2007.

“Nay Pyi Taw is the new capital city where the Burmese military government moved from Rangoon in March 2006. Nay Pyi Taw is the city of administration of Burma, about 320 km north of Rangoon.

“Nay Pyi Taw was planned by the Burmese Government in December 2005 to be built in a small populated area in the forest.” Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4290, 22.5.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Tuesday, 22 May 2008

Areyathor, Vol.14, #1237, 22-23.5.2007

  • Military Chief [Captain Nuon Muon] Reacts against Exaggeration by Radio Australia Report [which had reported that he led 20 soldiers to threaten Sun Sean, the Second Deputy Head of Treng Commune, a Sam Rainsy Party member – Ratanak Mondol, Battambang]

Chakraval, Vol.15, #2682, 22.5.2007

  • Taiwanese Man Gets 28 Years’ Imprisonment and Another One Gets 30 Years’ Imprisonment on Accusation of Cross-Border Drug Trafficking [Phnom Penh]
  • Man Gets 15 Years’ Imprisonment for Raping Eleven-Year-Old Girl [Russey Keo, Phnom Penh]

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1345, 22.5.2007

  • Thai General [Watanachai Chaimuanwong, a senior security adviser to the Thai Prime Minister] Backs Away from Claims on Cambodia [that extremists from Cambodia and Indonesia were training separatist rebels in the Thai south, after the accusations provoked outrage in Cambodia]
  • Black-Clad Thai Soldiers [special border protection unit] Beat Many Khmer Citizens without Reason [in Thai market near Poipet border crossing]
  • Four Robbers Ride Motorcycles, Break Car Windows, and Rob Gold and Money Worth More Than US$20,000 [Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh]
  • Three Kidnappers Arrested and Some Pieces of Weapons Seized [Baray, Kompong Thom]
  • Raid on Site with Substances for Producing Drugs in Ponhea Leu: Five People Arrested [Kandal]

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.14, #3164, 22.5.2007

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy Warns about Impact on Water Caused by Well Drilling, Toxic Chemicals, and Yuon [Vietnamese] Immigrants Living on Riverboats
  • Hun Sen Goes to Strengthen Relations with a Country [Burma] Under Sanctions by the International Community
  • To Commemorate the Day of Hate of Genocide without a Timely [Khmer Rouge] Trial Cannot Find Justice for Nearly Two Million Khmer Victims

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4290, 22.5.2007

  • Samdech Prime Minister Will Push Implementation of the Existing Agreements with Union of Myanmar
  • Thousands of People Demonstrate Against Thai [military] Government [and call for timely elections – Bangkok]

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3041, 22.5.2007

  • Yuon [Vietnam] Prevents Khmers from Kampuchea Krom from Attending UN Meeting

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #406, 22.5.2007

  • Candidates Ask [Minister of Tourism] Thong Khon to Inspect Corruption at Siem Reap Tourism Office during Competition of Guides Seeking Employment

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