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Thursday, 5.4.2007: Prime Minister Hun Sen Said ‘The Opposition Party Maintains Life-Long Opposition’

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 502

“Prime Minister Hun Sen said in the morning of 4 April, that the opposition party is a party which opposes throughout its whole life. He added that they had just said that presents make the citizens get rich for a while, but if they would receive work, they could work for the rest of their lives.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen also said that he knew that actually they had distributed vitamin tablets, but they criticized it as a distribution of presents.

“The Prime Minister’s statement showed that the Cambodian People’s Party [CPP] responded to the Sam Rainsy Party, and the response also indicated the CPP position: that what it does is right and successful, without allowing anyone to criticize the CPP. The CPP considers the building of roads as really assisting the citizens. But according to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s statement about the building of roads, these activities provided profits to companies managed by the persons who have close relations with Prime Minister Hun Sen, because there are many companies, especially fuel companies such as Tela, which belongs to a child of the Prime Minister. Therefore, the building of roads helped corrupt people to commit more corruption.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen stated, ‘However, we never reject anyone, and never say that the CPP considers anyone as an enemy, but they consider us as enemies, so we have to get rid of them.’ He added, ‘If you cannot get rid of me, it means that you yourself will melt away like the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge protested against anyone even those no one knew; but the people who strongly protested against Hun Sen were the Khmer Rouge. Because of their protest, their political organization was destroyed, and its leaders such as Pol Pot and Son Sen died, and there were a number of leaders left who went to the courts; I am not afraid of the people who oppose, even if there is more opposition and stronger opposition.’

“It is likely that Prime Minister Hun Sen referred to Mr. Sam Rainsy who had criticized the ruling party during the Commune Council Election campaign, and who had also said that the 7 January Memorial Day is not to remember the second birth of Cambodia, but it is the day to remember that Yuon [Vietnam] invaded the Khmers instead.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen claimed that no one is more patient than the CPP and its members, and no one is more patient than he is, because during the campaign to seek votes, other parties attacked his party, and he was hurt.

“There were 12 parties which participated in the second mandate Commune Council Elections. One of the parties criticized the CPP politics, especially saying that CPP officials suppressed other parities.

“The CPP used all kinds of methods to inhibit local rights, and the CPP knew any citizen who voted for other parties, because, according to Prime Minister Hun Sen, a number of parties received from 5 to 6 votes in different communes, but those votes were from the same citizens.

“The CPP prepared documents accurately in each village and commune through population surveys, so that they could know how many citizens would vote for the ruling party and how many citizens would vote for the other parties. Recording names in lists of sharing power at night and using threats is a good method of this party.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered the CPP working teams to continue to help the citizens, and he also thanked all local officials for having made the election process proceed well. Encouraging working teams to meet the citizens is a method to win in the 2008 elections. He said that the CPP would receive 90 seats among the 123 seats. This shows that the CPP has to be prepared in all forms to win over other parties, especially when succeeding in procedural fraud related to the procedures of the National Election Committee [NEC]. Such fraud happened through the lists of citizens, the election station code numbers of citizens, and the code numbers of commune offices, by arranging names wrongly, and by saying that this was due to technical problems. This kind of blame indicates that the NEC had the intention to follow the ruling party.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen said, ‘I would like to thank the CPP members for breaking a record – out of 5,100,000 voting citizens in 2003, the CPP received 2.4 million votes, and out of 5.1 million voters in 2007 the CPP received 3.1 million votes.’ He predicted that the number of these votes would increase to 61%, whereas in Sihanoukville, the number of votes increased already up to 62.3%, which was a significant number.

“After the elections, Mr. Sam Rainsy, the president of the Sam Rainsy Party, held a press conference to show the pride for the votes that his party had received, predicting that the votes of his party would increase doubly. Even though his party received less votes than the CPP (only 25% to 26%), he noted that for each election, some parties receive double votes. Therefore, his party which received from 25% to 26% at present would receive over 50% of votes at the national elections in 2008.

“The parties that competed in the Commune Council Elections which received much support are the CPP and the Sam Rainsy Party – it is assumed that the Sam Rainsy Party’s votes increased because of growing corruption and land disputes.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen knew that some officials under his leadership were corrupt, and he warned officials who grabbed land when developing new roads. Officials who grabbed land illegally were close to the CPP.

“The election was boastful of achievements, without considering corruption, and this is a method to lose the next elections. Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that if he won the elections in the new mandate, he would continue to take his big leap frog strategy for infrastructure development. The leap frog strategy is full of corruption, because the frog seems to be corrupt.” Reach Seima, Vol.2, #175, 5.4.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Thursday, 5 April 2007

Areyathor, Vol.13, #1228, 4-5.4.2007

  • Ms. Pong Chhiv Kek [Dr. Kek Galabru] Did Not Expect That One Party Could Win 90% Of Communes In The Elections

Chakraval, Vol.15, #2668, 5.4.2007

  • The Prime Minister Ordered The Police To Stop Taking Money From Citizens Who Carry Goods Across the Poipet Border-Crossing

Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1309, 5.4.2007

  • Samdech Hun Sen Expressed His Special Thanks To The Supporters Of The Cambodian People’s Party For Having Made The Elections Proceed Well
  • Mr. Sam Rainsy Denied That He Met Samdech Krom Preah [Norodom Ranariddh], But [Sam Rainsy Party Secretary General] Mu Sochua Really Met Muth Chantha [the Norodom Ranariddh Party’s spokesperson]
  • Samdech Hun Sen Announced The Continuation Of The Infrastructure Policy [during the inauguration of two road sections in Sihanoukville]

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6009, 5.4.2007

  • Patriarch Tep Vong Street At Prey Nup-Stung Hav [in Sihanoukville] Inaugurated [in the presence of Prime Minister Hun Sen]
  • A National Anti-Human Trafficking Working Team Will Be Established On 6 April [funded by USAID]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4254, 5.4.2007

  • [Brunei] Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Arrived In Cambodia
  • Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association Launched A [three-year] Project To Disseminate Information About And Monitor The Khmer Rouge Tribunal And The International Criminal Court [funded by the European Community]
  • ASEAN Tourism Task Force Meetings Took Up Six Items [1-ASEAN tourism markets, 2-ASEAN investments, 3-Tourism by ships, 4-ASEAN Relations, 5-ASEAN Tourism Standards, 6-ASEAN Human Resources Development]
  • Fund For Rural Electrification Tried To Encourage Further Work [to create access to electricity in rural and remote areas]
  • The Khmer New Year Will Be Celebrated On 14 April At 12:48 P.M.

Reach Seima, Vol.2, #175, 5.4.2007

  • Prime Minister Hun Sen Said ‘The Opposition Party Maintains Life-Long Opposition’
  • European Union Pledged To Provide More Than US$10 Million For Dissemination Of Information About The Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, Vol.14, #3008, 5.4.2007

  • Foreign Judges Disappointed About The Insistence [on very high membership fees] By The Bar Association Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia

Sranlanh Khmer,Vol.3, #371, 5.4.2007

  • [US] Federal Bureau of Investigation Will Open A Permanent Office In Cambodia
  • Norodom Ranariddh Party Officials In Battambang Dismantled Their Headquarters To Distribute The Proceeds Among Themselves [after they knew their party completely lost in the commune council elections]

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