Thursday, 22.3.2007: Cambodia Wants More Japanese Investors And Tourists To Come

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 500

“Phnom Penh: In the morning of 20 March at the Council of Ministers, a delegation of Asian-Japanese investors led by Mr. Vong Samang [responsible for investments of an Asian-Japanese center, the economist Dr. Vong Samnang is also an Adjunct Academic Staff of the Mekong University], held a meeting to discuss their work with Mr. Sok An, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Council Minister, to understand the real situation of investments in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The delegation consists of investors in a number of countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong, and also includes reporters and representatives of the Ministry of International Trade and Economy of Japan.

“The mission of the delegation to Cambodia is to understand the real situation and to seek opportunities to invest in Cambodia. At this discussion, the Deputy Prime Minister Sok An extended a welcome to the members of the delegation who have the intention to invest in the Kingdom of Cambodia, a country with peace and democracy. Now the fields of commerce, tourism, and investment have been increasing in Cambodia.

“The Deputy Prime Minister requested the delegation to look for opportunities of doing business to export agricultural products and processed goods, because Cambodia has much potential for agriculture and it has an international port which makes it easy for export. As for the sector of tourism, the Deputy Prime Minister Sok An told the delegation that every year the number of tourists increases by approximately 30 percent, and in previous years, Japanese tourists coming to Cambodia were leading. But at present, Korean tourists are leading.

“Mr. Sok An said that at present, in regard to the sector of energy and power in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the price of electricity is a little bit high, but in the future, the Royal Government of Cambodia hopes that the price of electricity will decrease, because at present, Cambodia is building many hydro-power plants.

“In the afternoon, the delegation had an audience and discussed their work with Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Council of Ministers to understand the climate of investment in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

“According to Mr. Eng Sophaleth, an assistant to Prime Minister Hun Sen, Mr. Vong Samang told Samdech Prime Minister that the mission of the Japanese investment delegation, which came to visit Cambodia at this time, was supported by JETRO from many countries such as the Japanese JETRO, the Thai JETRO, the Singaporean JETRO, the Vietnamese JETRO, and so on. The director of this Asian-Japanese center asked for recommendations from Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen to indicate the climate of investment in Cambodia for the whole delegation. Related to the visit of Samdech Hun Sen who will come to Japan in the near future, representatives of the Japanese delegation requested Samdech Hun Sen to say what Cambodia wants.

“During the discussion, Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen briefly informed the whole delegation about the Cambodian history and of eight priority areas that the Government of Cambodia has set out. Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodia wants that more Japanese investors come to Cambodia, because Japan is a country that provides much aid to Cambodia, and it is also the one country which provides more assistance to Cambodia than any other country. First, the Japanese investment in Cambodia is small. Second, Samdech Prime Minister requested the provision of credits to Cambodia, because Japan has one kind of credit which a low interest rate of 0.01%. Samdech Prime Minister confirmed that Cambodia wants this kind of credit very much to help encourage Cambodia to move ahead on the road of development. Third, Samdech Prime Minister said that he wants Japan to provide grants to build the bridge [over the Mekong river, on the main road to Vietnam] soon, because now the last stage of research might have been completed already, and this bridge is a life line of Cambodian economy, and it is also one of the Asian Highway bridges. Fourth, Samdech Prime Minister said that he wants the Japanese Prime Minister to pay a formal visit to Cambodia, because 50 years ago, the former Japanese Prime Minister, who is the grandfather of the current prime minister, paid a visit to Cambodia. Therefore, Samdech Prime Minister wants to have the 50th anniversary visit of the Japanese Prime Minister, who is the grandchild of the former Japanese Prime Minister.

“In regard to the climate of investment, Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen added that the climate of investment in Cambodia is favorable for Japanese investors, and in the short run, he will pay a visit to Japan and sign agreements on the encouragement and protection of Japanese investors.” Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #5997, 22.3.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Thursday, 22 March 2007

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #5997, 22.3.2007

  • Cambodia Wants More Japanese Investors And Tourists To Come
  • [More than one thousand] Khmer Muslims Held A Campaign Procession [in Phnom Penh] To Support The Cambodian People’s Party In The Elections
  • A Round-Table Meeting Was Held To Set Out Strategies For News Coverage Of The Khmer Rouge Trials [presided over by the Minister of Information and the Canadian Ambassador to Cambodia]

Moneaksekar, Vol.14, #3116, 22.3.2007

  • Three Trucks Of Yuon [Vietnamese] Soldiers Entered Khmer Territory While Cambodia Is Launching Commune Council Elections; It Made People Worried [Takeo]

Rasmei Kampuchea,Vol.15, #4242, 22.3.2007

  • Samdech Hun Sen Granted An Audience To An Ambassador Of Pope Benedict XVI [Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio; the ambassador is committed to help improve the livelihood of Cambodian people]
  • The US Ambassador Praised The Process Of Commune Council Elections In Cambodia [Mr. Joseph A. Mussomeli stated that during voter registration; he observed that the names of many citizens were registered; and the administrative tasks of the authorities, that are responsible for the elections, were going smoothly]

Reach Seima, Vol.2, #165, 21-22.3.2007

  • Foreign Judges Warn Of Walking Out Of The [Khmer Rouge Trial] Court Because Mr. Ky Tech, [president of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia] Created Problems [trying to charge high fees] For International Lawyers
  • Mr. Rong Chhun, [president of the Independent Teachers’ Association], Said That Students Were Forced By Some Parties Into Party Membership [he wrote to Kol Pheng, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports; that a number of political parties put pressure on school directors and teachers to force their students to participate and to support them]

Sakal, Vol.15, #3168, 22-23.3.2007

  • Angkor Wat Is In The Second Ranking In The World [temporary ranking of 21 international world heritage sites on the website, the final results of votes by Internet users in different countries to be made public on 7 July 2007, in Lisbon, Portugal]

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