Sunday/Monday, 11/12.2.2007: Hun Sen Does Not Apply in Cambodia What He Saw in Australia

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The Mirror, Vol. 11, No. 494, Sunday/Monday, 11/12.2.2007

“According to independent political analysts, Mr. Hun Sen gained a great deal of knowledge from from his visit to Australia in December last year. There were at least four lessons that Australia provided about the functioning of a democratic government. However, Mr. Hun Sen did not apply these lessons in Cambodia; he was afraid that such democratic practices would go against him in Cambodia, and as a communist,he would lose the opportunity to serve certain foreign interests.

“On 8 February 2007 ‘Khmer Intelligence’ [an organization which describes itself as collecting sensitive information which is not easily accessible], released the following four lessons that Mr. Hun Sen had learned and remembered in Australia at the end of last year:

  1. “There should be honest discussions between the royal government and the opposition party. Australia showed this to Mr. Hun Sen at the time of his visit, as there were heated argumentations during the questions time that was held in the Federal Parliament in Canberra. When such events happened in Cambodia in the National Assembly, the parliamentarians of the opposition party had never the opportunity to intensely question the royal government. When the speakers from the opposition party wanted to ask questions, the president of the National Assembly (who belongs to the Cambodian People’s Party) always warns not to implicate this person or that person, or not to implicate the government, and then they will stop making any further statements.
  2. “The opposition party leaders are always invited to meet with important foreign personalities who come to visit the country and have separate meetings with the prime minister. Such an experience was also provided for Mr. Hun Sen by the host country Australia at the time of his visit. Mr. Hun Sen had to face many difficult questions about the situation of human rights in Cambodia, which were asked by the opposition party leader Simon Crean, who is also Shadow Minister for Regional Development, and by the spokesperson on Foreign Affairs of the opposition Australian Labor Party, Mr. Kevin Rudd. According to information from the Internet, at that time, Khmer citizens demonstrated against Hun Sen’s visit, and hundreds of demonstrators shouted their criticism against Hun Sen as the person taking a lead in violating human rights in Cambodia.
  3. “The prime minister and the opposition party leaders receive the same salary from the state. This lesson was totally different from Cambodia. In Cambodia, the government leaders do no only not provide the same salary for the opposition leader as for the government leader, even when the opposition leader urges the government that the anti-corruption law should be completed soon, and when he demands that the price of gasoline be decreased. Hun Sen’s government does not easily follow.
  4. “The opposition party (currently the Australian Labor Party) is preparing itself to take over the office of the government, and a new prime minister may assume power (currently it is Mr. John Howard from the Liberal Party who may have to prepare himself to leave after the next general elections).

“Different from Australia, Cambodia has the Sam Rainsy Party which also just formed the party’s shadow cabinet to examine and monitor the implementation of the government policy, but is was accused by Hun Sen of attempting to overthrow the government. Mr. Cheam Channy, a senator and the director of the 14th office in charge of national defense and interior of the shadow government of the Sam Rainsy, was sentenced by Hun Sen’s military court and jailed, accused of attempting to overthrow the government.

“Even though Mr. Hun Sen experienced this way of respect for democracy in Australia, it has not yet been seen that he applied it in Cambodia. Those who criticize Hun Sen’s government said that the reason, why Hun Sen decided not to implement such democratic politics in Cambodia, is that he is afraid that the democratic forces would bring the current dictatorial communist regime to an end.” Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #329, 12.2.2007

Newspapers Appearing on the Newsstand:
Sunday/Monday, 11/12 February 2007

Khmeng Wat, Vol.6, #120, 12.2.2007

  • If Norodom Ranariddh Is Willing to Do Politics and to Stop Claiming Royal Privileges, Will He Be Able to Give Up the Family Name “Norodom”?

Khmer Amatak, Vol.8, #452, 12.2.2007

  • Boeng Kak State Land of More Than 100 Hectares in Central Phnom Penh Being Sold to Yeay Phou’s Husband [the CCP Senator Lao Meng Khin] – She Is Notorious for Destroying Khmer Forest Resources

Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6964, 12.2.2007

  • US Will Directly Provide Aid; the US Congress Will Approve to Lift the Ban of Direct Aid to Cambodia
  • The Corpse of Karaoke Girl, Who Had Been Raped and Killed, Was Floating in the Sangkae River
  • The Phnom Penh Municipality Lifts the Ban on Advertising on Tuk-Tuks [according to an intervention by the Prime Minister against a very recent order by the Phnom Penh governor] Which Are Now Required to Have a License Plate

Meatophum, Vol.50, #630, 12.2.2007

  • Different Funcinpec Leaders Have Different Views on Making the Members of the Royal Family Stay out of Politics [in February 2007 Nhek Bun Chhay, the Funcinpec secretary general, supported the idea, but Prince Sisowath Sirirath, the 2nd deputy chairperson of Funcinpec, protested against it]
  • The National Election Committee Appeals to [public and private] Media to Report Equitably [for all parties during the commune election period]
  • Care Is Needed so that the Valentine’s Day Does Not Become a Mating Day Between Males and Females Youth [some young people seem to be confused and think that, on his day, they must find a partner to have sex]

Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.15, #4209, 12.2.2007

  • Keng Vansak’s Mistake: His Majesty Jayvarman VII Is Not Cham
  • Police Arrests the Person Who Published the [8-page] Poster Display about the Land Dispute in Chraing Chamreh I [attacking the Phnom Penh governor, the Russey Keo quarter chief, and Oknha Depo, concerning the case of more than 30 hectares of land which the government authorized Oknha Depo to occupy]
  • Kompong Chhnag Provincial Court Sentences a Victim to One year in Jail and Fines Him $1,000 [Mr. Bun Thoeun’s farmland was grabbed]

Reach Seima, Vol.2, #150, 12.2.2007

  • The United States of America Lifted [Military] Sanctions Against Cambodia [since Cambodia had an internal military conflict in 1997, the US had severed military relations with Cambodia]
  • 35 Families [in Banteay Meanchey] Accuse [the Banteay Meanchey Deputy Governor] Mr. Sar Chomrong of Taking Land Ownership Away from Them

Sar Noeung Khmao, Vol.8, #192, 12-13.2.2007

  • The Royal Government Must Clean Out Bad Unions to Improve the Development of the Garment Industry
  • Chinese and American Companies Are Interested in Establishing Bio-Diesel Factories [turning plant material into liquid fuel]

Sralanh Khmer, Vol.3, #329, 12.2.2007

  • Hun Sen Authorized Keat Chhon to Call All Fuel Company Owners to Hold a Discussion on Decreasing the Price [of gasoline]
  • Hun Sen Does Not Apply in Cambodia What He Saw in Australia
  • The People Residing in the Boeung Kak Are Stir up Unrest After Realizing that the Phnom Penh Municipality Had Leased the Area to Shukaku Inc. Company [phonetic – ten thousand people will face to be moved out of that area where they have been living for many years]

Toussanak Khmer, #210, 12-13.2.2007

  • Hun Sen Uses Om Yentieng [Hun Sen’s adviser] to Call the Heads of [local] Human Rights Organizations to Hold a Meeting in Order to Please Donors

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